Caroline Hunt-Matthes

Caroline Hunt-Matthes, MPA


MPA (Harvard University)

Faculty, Critical Thinking, Law and Ethics


In addition to social justice, she is passionate about Nature and was the founding member, trustee and Chair to Natures Rights Charity until 2018 and is a co-author of The Hague Principles which embody human responsibility in relationship to earth stewardship. She is currently a board member of the Earth Focus Foundation in Geneva and an advisor to the Global Geneva magazine.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Hunt-Matthes, C., and Bushnell, A., (publication pending) Whistleblowing and Retaliation in the United Nations (Transnational Administration and Global Policy). Bristol University Press.

Hunt-Matthes, C. (2021) La responsabilité sociale des entreprises dans le monde universitaire/Corporate social responsibility of Academia (IFPRAA9)

Hunt-Matthes, C., (2018) Safe Reporting Channels in Humanitarian Space and UN Peacekeeping A Core Protection Challenge. The Irish Defence Forces Review (2018)

Hunt-Matthes C. and Gallo P.A. (2017), The UN whistle-blowing protection gap: implications for governance, human rights and risk management. In D. Lewis and W. Vandekerckhove (Eds.), Selected papers from the International Whistle-blowing Research Network conference in Oslo, June 2017 (pp. 38-59), London: International Whistle-blowing Research Network (ISBN 978-0-9571384-2-1).