Webster Geneva Campus's curriculum promotes both academic depth and intellectual breadth, encouraging you to explore diverse interests in your chosen field — and beyond your major. At Webster, approximately half of your courses will be focused within your chosen major. Your remaining subjects will include a combination of courses from our Global Citizenship curriculum and electives, which can be allocated toward a second major or an academic emphasis, a minor or certificate.

Make the Most of Your Undergraduate Degree


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Jessica Wright: My name is Jessica Wright and I'm from Australia and I'm a student here at Webster Geneva Campus. I study International Relations with certificates in Human Rights, Leadership and Photojournalism.

When I started at Webster, I was just an International Relations student and I took some classes. I enjoyed them but then I realized that there were so many different opportunities here that you could get involved with.

[slideshow begins: Wright with classmates]

So after I took my first photography course, I was completely hooked and it really it actually helped a lot in things that I was doing in IR even if they don't at first seem linked.

[Wright with camera in studio, taking landscape shots]

I've been lucky enough to be involved in the Leadership Program, the Webster Humanitarian Association, many events and conferences. Having all of these diverse experiences has really helped me to learn more about myself, has helped me to gain confidence, has helped me hone some critical thinking skills.

[Wright with student group, giving talk, in an activity]

And I think that you know when you combine it all together, it's what's made my University experience so worthwhile and fulfilling.

[group photos, Wright on stage with microphone]

If I could give some advice to myself pre-Webster, I think I'd say that, you know, jump into every experience as it comes and make the most of every single opportunity that you get. There are a lot of opportunities here at Webster and it would be a shame not to take all of them as they come.

[Wright with friends]

By doing so has really helped me to have a really enriching academic experience as well as an amazing social time. I've met so many wonderful people. And I think that it will really help my employability in the future because I'll be able to go into the workplace and and demonstrate with with real facts about what I've been able to do and what I've been able to achieve. Hopefully all these different skills will help me make a difference in the world.

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A Bachelor's Degree at Webster

In order to graduate from Webster Geneva Campus, a student must have accumulated 120 academic credits (U.S. system*), including the required credits for their major, as well as course work in Webster's Global Citizenship (general education) and elective credits. A standard full-time rate is five courses (15 U.S. credits) per semester. Recommended full-time rate is five courses (15 U.S. credits) per semester average based upon academic status. Summer terms are optional but often help students to advance their studies more quickly.

Our students in Geneva can earn their bachelor’s degree within three to four years, depending on university-level credits awarded from their secondary experience. Visit our Undergraduate Admissions page for information about credits granted for the IB, Swiss maturité, French baccalaureate, AP and other system credits, which can earn up to one year of advanced standing.

* The U.S. credit system typically recognizes 120 credit minimum for the bachelor's degree qualification. Note that in the typical conversion rates, two European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits equal one U.S. academic credit.


Undergraduate Academics FAQ

For students studying in Switzerland, we offer a diverse range of programs, including Business, Computer Science/Cybersecurity, Economics, Finance, International Relations, Management, Media and Psychology — see a full current list of majors below. Discover our undergraduate programs to find the ideal match for your academic goals.

Usually, our bachelor programs are designed for a four-year duration, in line with American degree standards. However, many of our students come with transferable credits from various qualifications, such as International Baccalaureate, Swiss Maturite, French Baccalaureate, A-Levels and other external exams. This frequently enables students to complete their degrees in 3 to 3½ years, offering a flexible academic path that aligns with individual achievements and backgrounds

Yes,Webster Geneva Campus is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in the United States and welcomes applications through the Common Application system. This user-friendly process provides a unified and simplified approach for applicants to all our global campuses.

Your major is your primary area of study at Webster Geneva Campus, and it plays a prominent role in your academic journey. It is the main field of specialization that you focus on during your studies. Your major should align with the field of study you aspire to build a professional career in, while the minor can either complement your career goal or allow you to delve deeper into a personal hobby or interest.

No, choosing a major is not mandatory when applying to Webster Geneva Campus. You have the option to begin as undecided, giving you the freedom to explore your interests. During your first year, you can take elective courses and delay selecting your major(s) and/or minor until you've had the chance to explore different subjects, earn essential credits and develop a broader academic foundation.

Absolutely! Pursuing a double major and earning two bachelor's degrees within four years is possible, but may exceed the minimum degree requirements of 120 credits. To explore this option, it's recommended to consult with your academic advisor for guidance on the academic work that aligns best with your goals and success.

Certainly! At Webster, we cover a broad range of communication-related topics and fields, including digital marketing, photography, psychology and media studies. Our Media Studies BA program is designed to immerse you in the fascinating world of communication. Explore the dynamic field of communication studies at Webster Geneva Campus and shape your digital future.

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Undergraduate Programs Available in Geneva

Webster Geneva Campus offers a wide and exciting range of possible majors. A major is a concentration of courses in a specific discipline. The actual number of courses that must be successfully completed in order to obtain a major depends on the subject chosen. Students do not have to declare their major immediately upon their arrival.

The following are the primary majors available in Geneva:

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degrees

Elective credits in the student's study plan may be chosen in a way that earns a double major, an academic minor or certificate. Students may choose, but are not required to, pursue a minor and/or certificate in addition to their majors. The minors and certificates available at Webster Geneva Campus are listed below:


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