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We’re committed to providing a high-quality, personal and transformative academic experience to every student. Across our undergraduate and graduate programs, you have access to relevant courses and programs that meet your interests and goals, whether that’s earning an bachelor degree or advancing in your career with a masters qualification or certificate through executive education.

Our professors bring their expertise from both research and real-world practice into the classroom, and they approach their teaching in a way that prepares you for professional success and lifelong learning.

Webster University has been consistently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since the University was founded in St. Louis, USA in 1915.  Today, this accreditation, which speaks to the quality of our teaching and research, carries across all of our degree programs in Switzerland.

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Our faculty have ambitious research initiatives aimed at knowledge creation, strengthening the university's contributions across academic disciplines and contributing to the global impact of Webster.

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Academics at Webster Geneva

Certainly! At Webster Geneva Campus, we honor your prior academic accomplishments. Credits from regionally-accredited institutions with a grade of C- or better can be smoothly transferred. We value your educational journey and strive to ensure your efforts are recognized and integrated into your academic path with us.

At Webster Geneva Campus, we've streamlined the process of understanding transferable credits. Once admitted, you'll receive a Preliminary Evaluation Form detailing your course equivalencies. Furthermore, we have an extensive database that lists coursework from numerous institutions previously accepted as Webster equivalencies. Our detailed transfer guides also outline how classes from various schools align with specific majors at Webster. This transparency ensures you have a clear roadmap for your educational progression at our institution

Bachelor's students at Webster Geneva Campus have four to six courses during their first semester, amounting to 12 to 18 classroom hours each week. This includes both individual and group assignments to enhance learning.

Indeed, you can pursue a bachelor's degree in English at Webster Geneva Campus. Geneva, known as a global hub in Europe, offers a highly international environment where English is widely spoken, making it an ideal place for English language education.

At Webster Geneva Campus, in a semester, a full-time undergraduate student generally takes four to six courses, which, based upon academic performance and student success, ranges from 12-18 credit hours. Students generally have three-hour classes and spend three hours outside of class on homework (reading, studying and assignments) for every hour spent in class.

At Webster Geneva Campus, we calculate and maintain a comprehensive grade point average (GPA) that encompasses all coursework completed at our institution. This GPA is not only a reflection of your academic performance at Webster, but also takes into account transfer credits if they are used to fulfill the required minimum 120 credit hours for degree completion.

An undergraduate bachelor student's typical semester at Webster Geneva Campus comprises two to three major-specific courses and two to three courses related to the Global Citizen Program (GCP), minors or certificates. This diverse curriculum fosters a well-rounded education by blending specialized knowledge with a broader understanding of various subjects, enriching the overall learning journey.

No, students are not required to choose their major or minor during the application process at Webster Geneva. We provide flexibility that allows students to explore various fields before making informed decisions about their academic interests. This approach ensures students have the opportunity to discover their passions and align their studies with their interests and goals.

At Webster Geneva Campus, one credit hour corresponds to one hour per week spent in the classroom. This measurement serves as a valuable tool for students to assess the time commitment required for each course, enabling them to schedule and plan their academic workload effectively. Understanding credit hours empowers students to manage their study time efficiently, maintaining a balance between their academic and personal responsibilities.

Graduate and master's students at Webster Geneva Campus typically enroll in two courses per term for full-time study. Each course is scheduled to meet once weekly in the evening, ensuring flexibility for diverse schedules while delivering a comprehensive education in their chosen field. This format is designed to empower working professionals to advance their studies without interrupting their careers, facilitating both academic growth and career development.

At Webster Geneva Campus, the medium of instruction for all courses is English, with the exception of the MA in Healthcare Management. This uniformity in language fosters a cohesive learning environment, facilitating clear communication and comprehension between students and faculty members. English language instruction enriches the educational experience for international students, equipping them for global opportunities in their respective fields.

Yes, Webster Geneva Campus accepts the GED for admission into the Bachelor programs, with a minimum score requirement of 145, which corresponds to a GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0.

Absolutely, Webster Geneva Campus welcomes students with AP or IB high school backgrounds. When you apply with AP or IB credits, you have the added advantage of potentially earning Advanced Standing Credits, which can equate to credits in the first year of your studies at Webster. For instance, depending on the score, IB or AP grades often allow students to enter directly into their second year of study.

At Webster Geneva Campus, we are thrilled to see our Webster Geneva Campus bring together students from over 90 different nationalities. As a result, we accept various English language requirement exams, including TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, BEC Cambridge, Pearson and more. If a student has studied for a minimum of three years in an English-speaking curriculum at an accredited school or university, the English language exam requirement can be waived.

female student sits at desk with workbook and pencilEmbracing a liberal arts education paves the way for lifelong learning and success in both careers and scholarly endeavors. Consider that influential business luminaries like Howard Schultz, Andrea Jung, Michael Eisner, Richard Plepler, Carly Fiorina and Susan Wojcicki all began their journeys with a liberal arts foundation. This holistic approach empowers individuals to sharpen their critical thinking, refine their communication skills, embrace adaptability, team building and leadership skills — these are all qualities that stand as pillars of achievement in today's diverse job market. With a liberal arts education, you're not just preparing for a job; you're priming yourself for a world of endless possibilities and boundless potential.

The deadline for dropping a course at Webster Geneva Campus is Friday of the first week of the term or semester. To initiate a course drop, students are required to submit a drop request via email to the advising office, following the specified timeline. This streamlined process ensures transparency and accountability in course enrollment management, enabling students to make essential adjustments to their academic schedule promptly and efficiently.

As we are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), U.S. nationals benefit from access to FAFSA and other Federal loans. Please email for more information.

Absolutely! Webster Geneva Campus proudly offers access to GI Bill funding, thanks to our American accreditation through HLC. It's an exciting opportunity for veterans and active-duty service members to pursue their education with us. For further details that will truly 'wow' you, please get in touch with

Your admissions counselor at the Geneva campus will assist you in obtaining the required forms and Title VI # for your FAFSA application.

English proficiency exams are mandatory for all international applicants except for American citizens. For American citizens without three years of education in an English-speaking country, an English proficiency exam may be necessary. If you're unsure, please reach out to for guidance.
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Walker Global Hybrid Courses provide students with a unique international experience through a focused online course plus a one-week international trip to locations such as Brazil, China and Greece.

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