This page will connect you to Webster's Online Application system. Please note that Webster Geneva Campus uses one online application system for all Webster campus locations, so you may be prompted to choose the Geneva, Switzerland campus.

If you have not yet reviewed our admissions pages, you can follow these links for additional information and about undergraduate (bachelor), university transfer and graduate (masters) admissions criteria. 

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You should apply as a Non-Degree Student if:

• You want to study abroad at Webster Geneva Campus for one semester or summer term, but you are not currently attending an American-accredited university in the U.S.,
• You want to take individual course(s) during a single term or semester, for credits to transfer home to another university where you are attending, or
• You want to simply audit a single course that is offered in one of our degree programs.

Study Abroad Students From Other U.S. Universities and Other Webster Campus Locations

Students attending any other Webster University campuses (U.S. and worldwide locations) or any other accredited university located in the United States should not use this non-degree application link, but rather coordinate with their campus study abroad advisors to facilitate the process.  If you are attending another American University Abroad (non-Webster, non-U.S. location), please also use the non-degree application link to get started!

Audit a Single Course

Course audits can be made available if you meet the basic requirements.  These are non-graded experiences and they do not earn transferable credits.  Generally, this is the option for personal enrichment at the bachelor's level, or for professional exposure to a particular topic at the masters level).  Course audits are offered at CHF 750.  To audit you must demonstrate the same prior degree qualifications such as a high school diploma (for bachelor level) or prior university degree (for master level), as well as the relevant English proficiency.

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