Developing Academic Excellence

The Scholars Program is aligned with Webster University’s mission, to transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. It recognizes, supports and develops academic excellence in motivated and high performing students.

The program is an invitation-only opportunity, extended to students who have demonstrated individual excellence through outstanding academic achievement. Those with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale are considered by the scholars committee for review and potential invitation to the program.

The program fosters a sense of intellectual curiosity among participants, as well as individual autonomy with regard to their coursework, co-curricular activities and career aspirations. It is integrated into the bachelor experience so that an outstanding student from any of our bachelor degree programs (from various academic majors) who is invited can pursue the Scholars Certificate.

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Webster Geneva Campus Scholars Program

A major component of the Scholars Program focuses around a bachelor thesis (or senior project). The topic of the thesis or project is chosen by the Scholars student during a special research course designed specifically for scholars participants. Most often, students choose a topic linked to the academic field of their chosen bachelor major and/or the topic they may want to explore in a future master's program.

Participants will be individually guided by a faculty member (from their respective academic department) over a period of three to six months, while earning credits for their thesis course. This academic learning experience strengthens students’ skills in research and writing (or programming and production, for Computer Science and Media majors, respectively). Completing a thesis or project can provide students with a competitive advantage when applying to graduate school or when entering the job market.

Scholars students are invited to:

  • Present their research alongside that of faculty to the public at the Annual Webster Research Forum.
  • Attend the semi-annual Scholars Reception, which connects scholars with faculty and staff Participate in Scholars Extra Projects (SEPs), which are challenging, academically-oriented yet practical: experiences guided by professors, as an alternative to (or in addition to) an internship. These SEPs can also earn academic credits as electives toward the degree completion.
  • Participate in the Student Scholars Committee which represents the interests of the Scholars group to the university administration. In addition, the Student Scholars Committee has the opportunity to create social or academic events of interest to Scholars community.
  • Submit a synopses of research work for possible publication on the Webster Geneva website after a peer review process.

As mentioned, the program is invitation-only, and a Scholars Committee selects students who will have demonstrated a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5/4.0, with a preference toward students who have had regular involvement with extracurricular activities (on campus or in the community).

Some students are invited as Freshmen as part of the admissions process, while others may be able to earn a Scholars’ Program invitation during their studies. Note that continuing students can be considered after at least two full-time, 16-week semesters at Webster (but not more than 80 credits earned).

First-year freshmen who are selected from high school will enter the Scholars Program track, and will be able to remain in the program with by maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher during their studies. Upon successful completion of the program, students can earn a Scholars Certificate upon graduation.

The program is also open to transfer students from other universities who will spend at least four semesters at Webster University before graduation.

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.0 or above.
  • Successful completion of the 16-week Scholars seminar, which focuses on developing research skills, with the completion of a literature review (starting their chosen research thesis or project).
  • Completion of a thesis or project in their senior (final) year of study, under a dedicated faculty mentor’s supervision.

Students who have completed the Scholars Program have been admitted to competitive graduate degrees offered by prestigious universities, including Cambridge University, London School of Economics, and John Hopkins University. (see below for a selection of schools and programs).

Scholarships The program offers a number of merit-based scholarships of up to CHF 10,000 per year, to selected incoming first-year Freshmen (who will spend multiple years at Webster Geneva Campus). The committee may also offer limited number of partial-tuition awards of up to CHF 5,000 per year to continuing students who are invited to join the Scholars Program, based on available funds. Scholars Program awards can also be combined with need-based financial aid awards from Webster Geneva Campus, for those students whose families are eligible. Combined award packages offered by the Geneva campus (Scholars Program scholarships plus need-based funds) do not exceed 50% of tuition (yet US citizens may have access to additional federal loan programs).

Beatrice Von Mach
Chair, Scholars Program Committee
Co-Director, Career Services

Recent graduates of the Scholars Program have been admitted to competitive graduate programs including:

  • MPhil in Education, Globalization and International Development Cambridge University, Cambridge, U.K.
  • MSc in Political Economy of Late Development London School of Economics, London
  • MSc in Mental Health, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science, EmLyon (a French Grande Ecole), Lyon, France
  • MA in Public Policy, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany
  • MSc in Finance, University of Leuven Leuven, Belgium
  • MSc in Psychology University of Geneva
  • MA in Peace and Conflict Studies Oslo University, Norway
  • MA in Political Communication John Hopkins University, U.S.
  • Law Degree, Faculty of Law McGill University, Canada
  • MA Conflict, Security, and Development, War Studies Department Kings College London, Prev. Certificate in International Law University of Geneva
  • MSc in Finance, Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, The Netherlands
  • MA in International Conflict Studies King’s College, London