Our campus restaurant, the Cedar Café, is open Monday through Friday and provides daily hot meals, with locally sourced healthy and nutritious food. Students can also buy groceries to take away and prepare in their rooms. Weekly menus are accessible during term time. Cedar Café is run by Adalia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to its customers, the quality of the food and its preparation.

Loyalty Card and Meal Plan

Anyone in the university community can obtain a loyalty card for the cafeteria. Note that new students living in the LLC will already be on a "room and board" plan, which gives the same advantages:

  • A QR code, linked to your personal account will allow you to follow your spending and balance.
  • You can deposit any amount above CHF 300, and immediately earn a 10% discount on all purchases.

Students can find a form to apply for the loyalty card.

All incoming undergraduate students living at LLC are required to purchase meal plan for the four terms of their first year at Webster. We strongly believe that this is important for a positive and rapid immersion into the Webster community of students and campus life. This plan ensures that students have easy (pre-paid) access to healthy and nutritious food, professionally prepared, and benefits from a 10% discount offered through our partnership with Adalia, a nonprofit foundation.

This Meal Plan operates as follows:

  • The mandatory full-year deposit of CHF 5,610 is billed in July and is accrued upon payment by 10%, before the end of August. This means that you will pay CHF 5,610 into the account and the initial balance credited to the student will be CHF 6,171 (CHF 1,543 per term).
  • Payments can be negotiated to two halves, payable one in August and one in January.
  • Validity of the deposit: Fall through Spring terms, CHF 1,543 per term. The balance for each term must be used by the last day of that term and cannot be carried over to the following term.
  • Students will have a personalized QR code, which will allows them to follow their spending and balance.
  • All purchases are debited from the individual account (no cash involved).
  • Students have access to their balance after each meal, as it is indicated on the receipt they receive by mail automatically.
  • Grocery food also falls under the meal plan; these can be purchased at the cafeteria to cover weekend needs.
  • Meal Plan is also accessible (but not mandatory) to non-freshmen, so they can also benefit from the 10% discount across all the Cedar Café services.