Business Program Geneva

Launch Your Business Career in Geneva

Business Program Geneva

About half of our students at Webster Geneva Campus are business majors. We will prepare you to join the professional world through a well-rounded curriculum that is tailored for you. Beginning with a rigorous program of core business courses, including accounting, economics, business law and management theory, which will give you the academic foundation you will need to move into advanced-level course work.

You can choose from different program tracks:

The Bachelor of Arts in Management has a stronger focus on human resources, marketing and organizational behavior, with the option for an academic Emphasis or Certificate in Marketing.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a more technical program option; it allows you to combine the qualities of both the Management major and our Finance major.

These two programs share common courses early in the program, so you can choose the path which interests you. Whichever path you choose, you’ll enjoy small classes taught by dynamic professionals who are leaders in their fields. You will learn through engaging group work and case studies that will help you understand the practical applications of the theoretical models you have studied.

You will be able to combine elective courses to add additional skills or qualifications from a range of Minors and Certificates to your bachelor degree. Our Career Services team will also be ready to support you if you want to pursue an internship during your studies.

See more links below for details about the majors, specific courses and program options available.

Bachelor Programs in Business and Management

Academic Catalog Links

The following are links to the majors and specific program requirements in Webster University's official academic catalog of courses.

BA Management
BA Management with an Emphasis in Marketing
BS Business Administration
BS Business Administration with an Emphasis in International Business

See also: Finance and Economics majors

The following options are also offered by the business department in Geneva:

Minor in Business
Minor in Management

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Multinational Companies

Geneva's location in the heart of Europe and its proximity to Africa and the Middle East, its highly skilled, multilingual workforce, and its political stability and safety make it particularly attractive to multinational companies. Around 130 multinational companies have global or regional headquarters in Geneva Lake region, from Proctor and Gamble to Caterpillar and Nestle. They span sectors of trading, banking, watchmaking, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology and luxury, to name a few.

All of these firms need new, highly-trained talents, and many provide internship opportunities. The quality of universities and research in Lake Geneva region contributes to making Geneva a key player in the future — including in sustainable finance — and Webster Geneva Campus provides talented alumni employed by major companies across the region.

As a Business Administration or Management major, you'll have the opportunity to work with our Career Services team to explore your interests and to build a plan that fits for your aspirations.

Our student-led Business Club works with professors and the Career Services team to provide opportunities for students to learn from our alumni who work in industry, from business leaders in Geneva, and to host events that bring them to campus.

Companies that have presented on campus range from SwissCom to Nielsen — and there was a workshop given by the local headquarters of LinkedIn, for example, on how students can build their professional social media presence and network online.

The Walker School of Business and Technology hosts a wide range of events each year on a wide range of topics, spanning areas of digital marketing and technology transformation to commodity trading and finance. As a business major, you'll gain exposure at the leading edge of business.

See our upcoming and recent events.

Gregory Bundgaard Sargent
Alumni Success: Gregory Bundgaard Sargent

“My time at Webster helped me prepare for the internship at Japan Tobacco International (JTI).”

Gregory Bundgaard Sargent
"At Webster, I was involved in the LEADS program, Student Government Association, president of the Football Association and member of Webster’s Business Club. These extracurricular activities were extremely rewarding and fun. It was a way to spend time with my friends and meet new people — but also a great opportunity to work with diverse groups of people from all over the world which enhanced my multicultural understanding."


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