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A major in psychology at Webster Geneva Campus gives you the opportunity to study questions about human behavior and mental life ranging from how you see the world to why you fall in love. You will study the great controversies: nature versus nurture, free will, consciousness, the brain/mind dichotomy, human difference and social and cross-cultural perspectives. You will explore different branches within psychology including biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, social and cultural.

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This solid academic foundation provides you with ways to begin to make sense of your world. As you develop and apply problem-solving skills your instruction will be personalized. This will help you to think analytically and communicate clearly and persuasively as you build competencies for a specific career or area of interest.

You will join an active psychology club, be informed about psychology events, socialize with others and share your experiences and expectations. You will combine your studies with subjects from other disciplines as you prepare to become a global citizen.

Bachelor Programs in Psychology

There is no domain of activity that doesn’t benefit from knowledge of psychology. As the science of mental processes and behavior, this field of study offers students a deeper understanding of human development, normal and abnormal functioning, cognitive, affective and motivational processes as well as their intertwined biological and cultural basis.

A BA in Psychology from Webster Geneva Campus will allow you to pursue a career as a psychologist in a variety of fields, from education and the workplace to specializing in mental health. A BS in Psychology would cultivate your research skills and offer you a deeper understanding of methodology. Certificates and Minors in Psychology are perfect for all those who would like to complement other courses of study with a solid enough basis in psychology to understand and shape change processes in a wide range of conceptual and applied settings

Programs available in Geneva (links to external catalog)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Minor in Psychology (General Psychology)
Psychology (BA) with an Emphasis in Mental Health

Psychology is an empirical discipline. What distinguishes the BA/BS is a comprehensive training covering all the main areas of psychology, together with the possibility to choose areas where the students want to specialize.

Webster has a highly international faculty with various areas of expertise; two major areas of focus are in understanding mental health and the psychology of creativity and innovation.

Our department provides individualized attention from teachers, the possibility to receive guidance in writing a bachelor thesis, and ample possibilities of gaining practical experience (including through formal internships, which help to get employment after graduation).

Preparing for the job market:

  • The Bachelor of Arts students can combine other subjects with their electives, from a Certificate in International Human Rights to Marketing, both of which bring added career opportunities.
  • The BS in Psychology cultivates research skills that can be applied in many applied areas even outside of psychology.
  • The Advanced Statistics course and the Thesis course for the BS are very helpful for job applications and/or for applications to top grad schools.
  • The humanitarian sector in Geneva (the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Doctors Without Borders and similar NGOs) have an ongoing need for interns, for researchers and for mental health professionals.

The Psychology and Counseling Department at Webster Geneva Campus is a research intensive one with our faculty, students and alumni joining an international community of dedicated researchers and practitioners. You can find out more about our main lines of research by visiting the Psychology and Society Group.

Areas of Expertise among our research and adjunct professors are listed here. These are issues that are often interdisciplinary and of high interest to students in understanding the application of psychology in aspects of society. Each one of these strands includes several research topics and aims to produce both academic outputs (e.g., articles, chapters, conference presentations) and outreach activities, working with various organizations in the local community.

Stress, Trauma and Well-Being
This research strand focuses on a variety of topics within the stress, trauma and well-being literature, including: PTSD recovery and post-traumatic growth, assisting war victims through body work, mindfulness, stress, burnout and well-being in organizations, Employee Well-Being Project (WellPro), emotion focused therapy, etc.

Mobility, Migration and Refugees
This research strand focuses on a variety of topics within the mobility, migration and refugee literature, including: perspective-taking and refugees, automobility, identity and sense of place, expat families, etc.

Development and Family Dynamics
This research strand focuses on a variety of topics within the development and family dynamics literature, including: families in transition, attachment, family therapy, child development, sexology, parenting practices, narcissistic mothers, transgenerational transmission, couple therapy, etc.

Creativity, Imagination and Expressive Arts
This research strand focuses on a variety of topics within the creativity, imagination and expressive arts literature, including: textile work, photography, authorship, art and narcissism, creative imagination, depth psychology, conceptual art, architecture and psyche, emotion and expression, etc.

Tradition, Spirituality and Religion
This research strand focuses on a variety of topics within the tradition, spirituality and religion literature, including: craft and craftsmanship, dreams and symbols, the psychology of religion, Eastern traditions, psycho-spirituality, rituals and routines, etc.

Lamia Husenovic
Alumni Success — Lamia Huseinovic

“I was very appreciative of the BA program at Webster because I was able to pursue studies for two of my greatest passions, psychology and media communications.”

Lamia Husenovic
“I enjoyed the enriching international spirit at our campus that allowed me to make friends from all over the world and get to know their culture in depth, which is something that has an enormous impact on my work. What I will remember most about Webster is the incredible faculty and staff that I had the opportunity to work with, and be mentored and supported by.”

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