Counseling Services

The Webster University Counseling Center in Geneva offers low-cost counseling and is open to the public. Services are free of charge for all students and staff affiliated with Webster University. Our counselors are graduate students from the Webster University Counseling program who are supervised by faculty with extensive clinical and supervision experience. Counselors-in-training provide compassionate and professional services in a safe and confidential environment.

Your reasons for coming to counseling may not always be well-defined. A general feeling of discomfort or knowing that some things have not been going well, may indicate that this is a good time to clarify your situation.

Common concerns include:

  • Trouble adjusting to living in Switzerland.
  • Study or work problems.
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Time management.
  • Stress and overwhelming worries.
  • Grief, loss.
  • Feeling down, or self-image, self-concept problems.

Referrals are made to qualified practitioners where issues such as substance abuse or other complex issues are deemed to be beyond the competency level of the Counseling trainee.

The service can also help you find adequate outside resources and provide information on psychological issues. The service is offered in-person on campus or via video conferencing. The number of sessions depends on individual needs and varies from one to several sessions.

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