Overview of Webster Geneva Campus

Webster University and Our Roots

Overview of Webster Geneva Campus

Since 1978, Webster Geneva Campus has educated undergraduate and graduate students as a Swiss nonprofit foundation, graduating approximately 5,000 alumni serving and working locally, regionally and globally. While Webster Geneva Campus is the first international location of Webster University, established in 1915 as a nonprofit independent university in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, the worldwide institution now has international campus locations in three continents and multiple countries, nearing 250,000 alumni representing over 150 nationalities.

SGA Students

Our Commitment to Education

As a Swiss nonprofit foundation, Webster Geneva Campus relies primarily on student tuition to operate, along with donations. We provide scholarships on merit or financial need.

Webster Geneva strives to make quality higher education accessible to all qualified students, regardless of financial circumstances. To fund a brighter educational future, our goal also includes growing the number of available scholarships.

One of our longstanding tenets is supporting the next generation of global citizens who will assume the responsibilities of leading in a dynamic world. Whenever possible, we use our institutional scholarship resources to help bridge the financial gap for deserving students who would otherwise not be able to access this life altering educational opportunity.

Each year, Webster Geneva Campus offers scholarships to students from Switzerland, Europe and across the globe.

Over the past five years, through unparalleled global economic crises, Webster Geneva Campus has not only maintained existing student scholarships, but increased its efforts to offer additional scholarships to a larger number of individuals. We are committed to supporting students facing financial family crisis, while also graduating students into successful careers.

Overall, we have grown both the number of scholarships, and the proportion of revenue. However, in order to maintain this, and to do more, we need to grow the level of support. Those who join our valued network of donors would share this future success.

Specific Scholarship Support

Your participation to the scholarship fund will be used to increase the opportunities for students who would not normally be in a position to consider higher education. We have a number of important scholarship projects that would benefit from your support, examples include:

Maintenance Scholarships
Supporting Existing Students

Graduate Scholarships
Supporting Graduate Program Students

Geographic Scholarships
Supporting Specific Countries/Nationalities Students

Diversity Scholarships
Supporting Gender/Race/Vulnerable Students

New Program Scholarships
Supporting New Program Students

Creativity and Innovation Scholarships
Supporting Technology, Travel, Structures, Resources

Our office remains at your disposal for any question or conversation around your contribution.


Contribute to Webster and Our Worldwide Mission

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