Art Basel Study Trip

Art Basel Study TripOn Saturday June 20th, the students enrolled in the Current Art and Basic Digital Photography courses visited Art Basel, the world’s most important modern and contemporary art fair, which brings together around 300 galleries from all over the world each year, drawing huge crowds of dealers and collectors.

“A visit to Art Basel forms an essential component of the Current Art course which I teach each summer term,” said Dr. Julianna Sandholm-Bark. “The trip is a great opportunity for students to experience contemporary art as well as a major international art fair first-hand, and to deepen their understanding of a particular aspect of current art which forms the basis of several assignments in this course. The participation of Francesco Arese-Visconti and his students in the field trip this year helped make the trip into a richer and more holistic learning experience for everyone involved.” These courses were a part of the “Innovation and the Arts” cluster that was offered through the Global Citizenship Program in Geneva this year.