Polic Presents on Information Security

Viktor Polic ConferenceDr. Viktor Polic, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science presented a research article on contemporary issues in managing information security in large organizations at Synthesis 2015 international scientific conference in Belgrade, Serbia. The research focuses on risk management components of information security management process and proposes proactive methods for assessing and measuring risk using data mining tools. The article titled “Optimizing Corporate Information Security Management in the post-'HeartBleed' World” was published in conference proceedings.

In May, Dr. Polic, presented research findings at 12th Annual Chief Information Security Officers’ Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. In his presentation he highlighted aspects of information security management process as business enabler and reviewed methods for integration of information security risk management with enterprise risk management process. CISO Summit is annual regional event where information security experts from all industry sectors, academia, governments and international organizations gather to share insights and collaborate for developing and improving cybersecurity practices.