Jabs Saral Awarded Research Grant

Krista Jabs SaralDr. Krista J. Saral, Assistant Professor of Economics in WSBT at Webster Geneva Campus has recently been awarded an external research grant through PALSE (Programme Avenir Lyon Saint-Etienne) MAELYSE (Management Economie Lyon St Etienne), for a research project investigating entrepreneurship that involves collaboration between Webster Geneva Campus, Florida State University, CNRS - GATE (French National Centre for Scientific Research, Group for the Analysis of Economic Theory), and EMLyon.

The project seeks to answer if there are specific characteristics that can predict an entrepreneur’s success over time. To accomplish this, the project will employ methods in experimental economics to measure attitudes and characteristics across various domains (e.g. risk, ambiguity aversion, time preferences, competiveness, creativity, etc.) on a mixed subject pool of entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs in year 1, and will measure the evolution of occupational status in a follow-up study using the same subject pool 5 years later.