Cheterian Article in Times Literary Supplement

Vicken Cheterian Times Literary SupplementVicken Cheterian, faculty member in the Media Communication and International Relations departments, has a new article in the prestigious Times Literary Supplement of July 17, 2015. Titled "Island of Memory, The art of the Armenian diaspora at Biennale 2015", it looks at the winning national pavilion at the Venice modern art exhibition of 2015. The article argues that on the centennial of the extermination of Armenians, contemporary art revealed courage where international political elites have failed.

Cheterian is the author of newly released Open Wounds, Armenians, Turks and a Century of Genocide, published by Hurst in London and Oxford University Press in New York. In Fall 1 he teaches International Communication, and Russia and the Soviet Union: Revolution, Reform, Transition.

The article can be read on Dr. Cheterian's Academia Page.