Foppiani gives US Conference Tour

Foppiani Lecture TourFoppiani Lecture TourFoppiani Lecture Tour

From Oct. 22 through Nov. 4, Dr. Oreste Foppiani, Associate Professor of International History and Politics, traveled in the United States to give a series of invited lectures on the “Illegal Immigration in the Mediterranean and the Global Refugee Crisis.” Foppiani kicked off his conference tour on Oct. 27 in St. Louis, MO, where he spoke at Webster Groves (Webster University main campus) in front of a vast and curious audience composed of graduate students and faculty.

The second lecture took place in the Queens campus of St. John’s University, NY, where he analyzed the findings of his comparative research on the global refugee crisis in Greece, Italy, France and Spain: students and faculty of the Staten Island, NY, and Rome, Italy, campuses of St. John’s University could watch the lecture live on Skype.

Last but not least, Webster Geneva Campus’s IR Department Head participated in a round table at New York University’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) in Manhattan, where he could benefit from a challenging debate among fellow academics and journalists; e.g., Amanda Garrett, of the Georgetown Foreign Service School in Qatar, Sophie Gonick, of NYU’s CEMS, Csaba Bekes, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Columbia University, Anemona Hartocollis, of the New York Times, and Larry Wolff, Director of NYU’s CEMS.