WHA Fundraising Events for EDUS

EDUS EventEDUS EventEDUS Event

Webster Geneva Campus organizes an annual trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit NGO's and facilities that work on recovering from the consequences of the 1992-1995 war. These include Medica Zenica (Zenica), Primary schools (Tuzla) and Mothers of Srebrenica (Srebrenica). In 2016, the Webster Humanitarian Association (WHA) decided to contribute to an NGO in the capital city, Sarajevo, and is currently raising funds to contribute towards the education of children.

EDUS, an association for education of children with and without disabilities, was formed in 2010 and develops special programs that are unique in Europe. EDUS does not have an office or classrooms, and currently rent two public classrooms using money provided by parents.

The WHA has organized a short series of events to raise funds for EDUS that will be given personally by the team when they go to Bosnia and Herzegovina in April. The first of these was a bake sale at the start of the Spring Term which raised 300 CHF.

The second event, held on 28th January, was a humanitarian photography exhibition and sale of works donated from photographers from all around the world. Among the donors were Francesco Arese Visconti, Alex Stephen Teuscher, Meghan Sheridan, as well as students from Webster Universty Geneva and the International University of Sarajevo. The event was opened by, the Head of Media Department, Francesco Arese Visconti, and Dr. Jubin Goodarzi, an active member and supporter of WHA. Visitors were presented with an award winning short film, “10 minutes”. The best European short film of 2002, directed by Ahmed Imamović, Bosnian director, producer and writer who is also known for movies “Go West”, “Belvedere” and “Welcome to Sarajevo”.  The event raised a further 450 CHF and the unsold works are still available to purchase in the campus cafeteria.