Don Souma Concert

Don Souma ConcertDon Souma ConcertDon Souma ConcertDon Souma Concert

The Webster Geneva Commons Room was packed to the brim with Webster students, faculty and community members for the inaugural performance of the Don Souma Company. Don Souma is a newly formed dance company founded on the basis of multiculturalism and diversity and this flair was obvious in their multidisciplinary performance. Audience members were treated to a musical session that ended with everyone out of their chairs and dancing, before being entertained by an African-contemporary dance routine inspired by the power of dance as an expression of art and storytelling. From backflips to poetry, this evening had everything and the 90 people who came certainly did regret doing so.

All the proceeds from the evening went towards Sini-Yiri Genève, an association which brings together children from 6 to 15 years to develop artistic and cultural activities. Through all kinds of performing arts - dance, music, storytelling, acting – Sini-Yiri offers a space for free expression and education for children, whether they are in school or not.

A first for the WHA, the concert was a brilliant way to light up Week 2 and really had the crowd entertained. A huge thanks to Don Souma for their incredible performance.

Story by Jessica Wright.