Syria Five Years On

Syria 5 Years OnSyria 5 Years On

Syria 5 Years OnSyria 5 Years On

On 17 March 2016, the eve of the fifth year of the Syrian Revolution, the Webster IR Department and the WHA supported the organization UOSSM (Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations) in exposing the situation in Syria, five years on. Rami and Hani, two refugees from Syria, told their life stories, and how from one day to another, everything changed dramatically. Attendees also had the opportunity to watch an incredibly eye-opening documentary about the boat journey and struggles of resettlement of several families from Syria to Europe, whilst being treated to delicious Syrian food brought by the presenters.

Dr. Tawfik Chamaa, President of UOSSM Suisse, ended the evening with a detailed report of the involvement of UOSSM Suisse within Syria and the increasing difficulties they are facing in having access to remote areas to provide much needed aid.

Throughout the evening, donations were collected and 230 francs were sent to UOSSM to assist them in their work. Overall, the evening proved to be emotionally challenging, but it most certainly enabled a very real picture of the suffering to be painted, through personal accounts and first hand experiences.

Story by Zain Abdulla, photos by Jessica Wright.