Ros Thomas St. Louis Presentation

Ros Thomas Presentation

On April 28th, 2016, Ros Thomas, Associate Professor and Head of Psychology, Sociology and Professional Counseling Program presented on the main campus in St. Louis. Her lecture, “The conceptual power of counseling and psychology to speak on trauma and genocide” explored some of the themes covered her research and in the Webster Well‐being initiative project (WINN), a multi‐site health and well‐ being project in collaboration with the UNHCR, the Global Fund, and OCHA in Geneva and the UN and UNICEF in New York.

Dr. Thomas was visiting the campus in St. Louis thanks to a Faculty Mobility Award where she taught a masters level course on the Techniques of Counseling. At the end of the course one student reflected, "I was grateful to have had the opportunity to take my final class with Dr. Thomas. I was fascinated to hear first hand about the cultural differences and approaches to counseling in Europe. She was able share many examples of how to blend theory, technique and personality into the work with clients. The class encouraged me to explore who I truly want to be as a counselor and on a personal level I feel that I may have learned how trust in myself and become the most authentic counselor I can be."