Art Basel Study Trip

Art Basel 2016Art Basel 2016Art Basel 2016Art Basel 2016Art Basel 2016

On Friday June 17 students studying Innovation in the Arts at Webster Geneva traveled to Art Basel, one of the largest international art fairs in the world, which is only a few hours from Webster's campus in Switzerland. The group included those studying interpersonal communication, digital photography, and current art, along with some of the faculty members teaching these courses. Students were able to see contemporary and historical art presented by 286 galleries from 33 countries, showing the work of around 4000 artists.

Tim Young, one of the faculty members teaching photography, explained, "Study trips such as this allow students to see a huge range of art in a very short period. They are exposed to everything from old masters to the latest works from the most important contemporary artists, and unlike a visit to a museum everything is for sale. An experience like this gives the chance to examine the question of the value of art, which is a theme we carry over into the classroom."

The visit also included a presentation by virtual reality artist Olivia McGilchrist who showed the students her work, "from many sides" which immersed the viewer into a video seascape. For many of the students this was the first time they had tried virtual reality glasses.

Yue Zhang, a study abroad student from Beijing, China, said, "This was my first time ever to an art fair. It was not like what I imagined, but it was absolutely an eye-opening experience for me."

Kathryn Weiss, a study abroad student from the home Webster campus in St. Louis, said, "It was an exhausting, yet exciting day of countless art pieces from all over the world, from the greatest artists from the past and present. Though it was difficult to see every single art piece, since there were so many tiny corners and hidden gems, I still felt like I saw all the art my heart desired. It was certainly an experience I'll never forget!"