Emotional Intelligence Forum

"Changing requirements in a changing recruitment market at Executive level: Emotional Intelligence as a predictor of future success" was the theme of an HR forum that was held in the LLC conference room at Webster Geneva Campus on June 15, 2016 from 18h30-21h00. The forum was organized and facilitated by Randall Zindler, Program Director for the MA in HR and Dominique Jolly, Chair, Walker School of Business and Technology.

The speakers included two CEOs; Mr. George Bouverat, CEO of Alspective who spoke about the global executive search market and Mr. Sebastien Simonet, CEO of Nantys SA who spoke of how important it is to have emotional intelligence (EI) in the challenging and changing job market of the future. Participants were asked to complete an EI assessment test prior to coming to the forum to enhance comprehension and to encourage discussions during the forum. This laid the foundation to a better understanding of the examples of studies done on recognizing, understanding, empathizing and managing one’s emotions as well as deciphering others emotions and why this is important. Another study showed that supervisors trained in EI had better overall results with their team in production, lower absences, and grievances, among other areas in HR which are always points of great concern for professionals in this domain.