Leadership & Ethics Class Visits CERN

Students visit CERNNew Student Orientation Spring 2016

Students enrolled in Leadership and Ethics, taught by Professors Maryvelma O’Neil and Michael O’Neil, enjoyed a cosmic tour of CERN, the world’s largest physics laboratory on 8 October 2016.

The class learned about CERN’s role, its focus and objectives as well as the great questions of contemporary physics. The mysteries of the universe unfolded before our eyes in a 3D viewing of CERN The ATLAS Experiment Movie.

During the second part of the tour the focus was on other matters: leadership models and a very seasoned list of lessons learned offered by Dr. Brian Martin Hon. Sc.D , an engineer who had worked at CERN for forty years. His career rise gave evidence that he had taken his own advice. # 1 Make every effort to find a mentor. #12 Learn how to say thank you, often.