Around the World in an Electric Car

Carolini BianchiCarolini BianchiCarolini Bianchi

When Carolina Bianchi graduated from Webster Geneva in 2015 with a degree in media communications and a minor in psychology, she hoped to land a job in the world of motorsports. So when the opportunity to drive around the world in an electric vehicle and write about the experience presented itself, she jumped at the chance.

For 80 days, Bianchi drove through 20 countries on three continents, logged 29,000 kilometers (about 15,500 miles), dodged tornadoes, had a gun pulled on her by a truck driver, and navigated highways that were “roads” in name only.

And she would do it all again, she said.

“I love travelling, seeing the world, discovering new places, meeting new people, trying new food. I love being open to the planet,” Bianchi said. “I love how we are all so different, yet all are the same. We are all human beings.”