Iacobacci presents at Impact Hub

Nicoletta Iacobacci

On Friday February the 24th, Dr. Nicoletta Iacobacci presented at the Impact Hub in Geneva for the Creative Mornings Series. In her talk Dr. Iacobacci stated how science-fiction is becoming science-fact as exponential technologies develop and increasingly influence our lives.

Dr. Iacobacci explained, "It is evident to everyone that we will experience progress at an increased speed in the twenty-first century. It is likely that during this century machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence. We’ll see technological change never before witnessed—the merging of biological and non-biological, software-based immortal “humans”, and sentient artificial intelligence."

"A moment when a civilization will change so much that its rules and technologies will be incomprehensible to the previous generation. From Vernor Vinge who popularized the idea of the singularity (in his 1993 essay “Technological Singularity”) to Ray Kurzweil ("the Singularity is near”)."