Doing Business with Media

Doing Business with MediaDoing Business with MediaDoing Business with MediaDoing Business with MediaDoing Business with Media

On the evening of April 5, the Media Communications Department and Career Services Office teamed up to host an event titled, “Doing Business with Media”. Open to both students and alumni, the event featured a panel of industry professionals sharing their expertise, and personal career insights.

The guest speakers were:

• Brigitte (Hohl) Taylor (Webster alumna: BA Media Communications, 2009) Internal Communication Officer at Louis Dreyfus Company

• Joy Corthesy (Webster alumna: BA Media Communications, 2015) Editorial Assistant for Revolution Switzerland and Revolution USA

• Christian Lutz, Photographer

• Chiara Cosenza, Digital and Creative Project Manager at 4AM SA

During the question and answer session professional issues were explored and students were able to acquire valuable career tips regarding their own future aspirations. The evening was moderated by Francesco Arese Visconti, Head of the Media Communications and Photography Department. Also present was Dr. Dominique Jolly, Chair of the Walker School of Business and Technology. The university passes on thanks again to the four panelists for joining taking part in this event.