Art Study Trip to Rome

Art in Rome Trip, Webster Geneva

Webster Geneva students enrolled in the 'Art in Rome' class took an unforgettable study trip to the eternal city on June 8-12 June 2017, led by Dr. Maryvelma O’Neil, GCP Faculty. Daniel Cohen wrote, “Mamma mia! Rome is truly a magical city and it was so great that Webster gave us this opportunity to learn and discover its marvelous history. I especially enjoyed the Coliseum where I could just picture gladiators and the spectacle of the crowds.”

Lama Al Saud discovered “a timeless city that is full of beautiful art pieces and museums which tell stories of the many generations that left behind traces of their lives. Italy has the best coffee I have ever had in my life, their pasta dishes rank on the top of my list, and their tiramisu is unforgettable.”

Fidan Pirieva found “paintings and sculptures both fascinating and breathtaking” and was intrigued by “stories of rivalry between artists that added spice to our understanding of the Renaissance.”

“So many positive emotions and beautiful sites!” said Murad Piriev. One of the most memorable was the illusionistic Baroque fresco in the Jesuit church of St. Ignatius where we are pictured reflected in the heavens.