Leadership and Ethics Visits

Leadership & Ethics ClassLeadership & Ethics Class

Students enrolled in the Leadership and Ethics class taught by Professors Maryvelma O’Neil and Michael O’Neil had a very special week. Webster alumnus, Ramon Moraes Sales Moura, presented a lecture that was the fruit of his MSc. at King’s College in Leadership and Development. He explained this complex topic using the ABCs Leadership Triangle which is used for understanding conflict situations. Each point of the triangle influences and is influenced by the others. Attitudes shape our Behavior in the process of socialization (inclusion/ exclusion and fight/unite); the Context is the place (circumstances and settings) where attitudes and behaviors take shape. “This complexity requires engaged leadership to find solutions for our conflictual socialization (from the individual level to the international one — e.g. States),” he explained by reference to Hong Kong student activist, Joshua Wong. "There is direct conflict between Wong's idea of living well and living long and that of Beijing, which is why he was imprisoned," Mr. Moraes Sales Moura stated.

On 17 November the class took a cosmic tour of CERN, the world’s largest physics laboratory and learned about CERN’s role, its focus, objectives, complex leadership challenges as well as the great questions of contemporary physics. The mysteries of the universe unfolded in a 3D viewing of 'The ATLAS Experiment Movie' . According to the guide, Brian Martin Hon. Sc.D , a new record was set by Atlas while the class was in the control room – a huge data download (32 hours straight/10 million photos per second) on stable rotating beams of protons. The Atlas team was surely following Mr. Martin’s advice on leadership : “find out what motivates everyone, including yourself, never micromanage, give as much responsibility as possible. Always say thank you.”