Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation


Creativity and innovation are widely recognized as engines of individual and societal progress and well-being. And yet, our knowledge of how they work and what can be done to foster them is partial at best, especially given the lack of a truly multi-disciplinary perspective on these topics.

In order to address this important scientific gap and to develop practical means for fostering creativity and innovation across a wide range of domains, Webster University Geneva recently launched the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI).

Directed by Dr. Vlad Glaveanu, the Head of Psychology and Counseling, this is a multidisciplinary and inter-departmental center bringing together colleagues from different Webster campuses, associate members from around the world, and a series of important academic and non-academic partners.

The Center’s aim is to be situated at the forefront of research in creativity and innovation within key areas such as business, education, art and design, technology and society. Its ambition is to advance our understanding of creative processes, teach the management of innovation, and offer a space for companies and organizations to meet and have the facilitation required to foster change and development processes.

The WCCI has a Public Lecture series associated with it, including monthly events, and regularly organizes workshops and conferences for a wide audience. Information about the Center, its activities and members can be found here: wcci.webster.ch

We welcome new collaborators from across Webster University!