Dr Keith Gaynor Presents on Worry

Don't Worry Be Happy

Dr Keith Gaynor, a clinical psychologist, author and University lecturer from Dublin, spoke to an audience of students, faculty and interested members of the wider community at Webster Geneva Campus on the topic ‘Don’t worry, be Happy’, on the 8th of February.

The talk was aimed at those who experience worry in their daily life. He spoke of the evolutionary origins of worry and its psychological underpinnings and range of negative impacts on life, when it is not managed.

Keith then explained Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how it can contribute to reducing the everyday worries that challenge everybody to some degree or other. A range of techniques were outlined for managing worry and an explanation given on the differences between stress and worry.

Interesting questions were posed by members of the audience and answered by Keith, on the impact of repressing worrisome thoughts, its relationship to mindfulness and epigenetic influences on worrying.

At the end of the public lecture, the audience enjoyed drinks and snacks and a further opportunity to speak with Keith.

Webster University and the Department of Counselling extend our thanks to Dr Keith Gaynor for his interesting and informative talk.