MBA for an Evening Master Class

MBA for an EveningMBA for an EveningMBA for an Evening

Continuing the “MBA for an Evening” master class series, the Walker School of Business and Technology hosted its third event of learning and networking on March 15. The series brings the MBA program’s most interesting, influential and innovative topics, to the community. The talks are given by professors from the program, from across a wide range of business fields.

Dr. Dominique Jolly, Chair of WSBT and Dr. Michal Paserman, the MBA Program Director, opened the event and introduced Dr. Krista Saral, Professor of Economics, who demonstrated how Game Theory provides powerful tools to analyse strategic decisions. She introduced the participants to the way in which these tools could be used to predict behaviour in two contexts: market entry and group decision making. Lammert Vrieling, Professor of Strategy, showed the audience that our strategic change efforts have generally poor track record. He explained that a key reason for that is that we do not have a clear understanding of what it is we changing towards. Given that change is a certainty, Vrieling suggested that it is imperative that we approach it with the proper perspective.

The two talks were followed by an apero, when the audience was welcomed to ask questions that would help them learn about Webster MBA program.

Coming up

The next “MBA for an Evening” event will take place on Thursday May 3 at 18h30, on our campus in Bellevue. The two master classes will be given by:

Aslı Yüksel Mermod, Ph.D., Professor of Finance
Vlad Glaveanu, Ph.D., Head of the Psychology & Professional Counseling Department

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