Research Activity - April 2018

Glaveanu Presents in Aarhus University, Denmark

GlaveanuVlad Glaveanu, Head of the Department of Psychology and Professional Counseling, was invited professor on the doctoral course ‘Creativity across disciplines’ organized at Aarhus University, Denmark, on April 5-6. As part of the event, he also gave a public lecture on ‘Sociocultural models of creativity’ in which he outlined the state of the art in this area, discussed new theoretical developments, and reflected on their practical implications for building a multi-disciplinary science of creativity. Following this visit he established a partnership between CAVI, the interaction design center at Aarhus University, and the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI) at Webster Geneva Campus.

Indjikian Keynote at World Energy Seminar

IndjikianOn March 29, 2018, Prof. Rouben Indjikian was a keynote speaker in Moscow at an international scientific seminar "World Energy: Current Trends and Prospects. Prospects for cooperation between Russia and OPEC”, organized by the Center for Energy Studies of IMEMO (Institute of World Economy and International Relations) and the Department of World Economy and International Energy Policy, Faculty of International Energy Business of the Gubkin University of Oil and Gas. The seminar was well attended by mainly students, professors and researchers from leading Russian universities, business schools and research centers, specializing on energy.

A full report and link to Dr. Indjikian's presentation

Grosso presents at SANT/FAS 2018 Conference on Vulnerabilities in Uppsala, Sweden

GrossoDr. Sarah Grosso, Researcher and Faculty in the Media Communications Department, presented her research on women’s rights at the SANT/FAS 2018 Conference on the theme of Vulnerabilities in Uppsala, Sweden on 20th April 2018. She participated in a panel dedicated to feminist anthropology exploring the ambiguity of vulnerabilities through a gender lens. Grosso also contributed to a roundtable discussion on the theme of #metoo and anthropology that addressed the issues of sexism and sexual harassment in academic environments and as it affects anthropologists in the field. Delegates shared their experiences and were able to exchange coping strategies to help address the vulnerability of female anthropologists who carry out fieldwork in different cultural settings.

The conference website with Dr. Grosso's abstract

Glaveanu Presents at University of Texas, Dallas

GlaveanuDr. Vlad Glaveanu, the Head of the Psychology and Professional Counseling Department, gave an invited lecture on the 18th of April at the University of Texas at Dallas on the topic ‘Culture and the power of creativity and imagination’. This lecture was part of a series organized by the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology. The talk considered the ways in which creativity and imagination are enabled by the use of cultural signs and tools and, in turn, contribute to the renewal and transformation of culture. In order to conceptualize this bi-directional relation, Dr. Glaveanu proposed a new understanding of creativity as a social, material and psychological process based on acts of repositioning and perspective taking. He then illustrated this dynamic in relation to the emergence of pretend play in early human development, everyday forms of creativity such as craft, and the societal expression of creativity in protest, artivism and social change. The talk was open to faculty and staff at the University of Texas as well as the general public.