Research Activity - September 2018

Jachens presents at Occupational Health Psychology Conference in Lisbon

JachensDr. Liza Jachens from the psychology and counseling department recently presented her work at the 13th European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference in Lisbon. Her presentation was entitled "Psychosocial risk assessment for Humanitarian Aid Workers." The study not only emphasized the detrimental effects of the psychosocial work environment on mental health but it was the first study to demonstrate both independent and combined prediction effects of two leading job stress models for the humanitarian occupational context. Comparing and combining the relative strengths of two models to predict psychological distress and thereby including a broader range of variables improves the risk estimation of stress related outcomes and provides guidance in effective intervention strategies. This work is part of the ongoing Employee Wellbeing Project.

Foppiani presents for 21st International Humanitarian Law Day

FoppianiOn September 15, Dr. Oreste Foppiani, Associate Professor of International History and Politics and Head of the IR Department, participated in and spoke at the 21st International Humanitarian Law Day on "The principles of neutrality and independence, and the confidentiality rule during humanitarian operations" organized by the Italian Red Cross in Caravaggio (Bergamo). The Webster Geneva Campus scholar presented a paper on the "Neutrality of the ICRC in the current international scenario" and chaired a round-table on "Which protection for emergency response operators in war zones?"



Glaveanu Presents at ENTRENOVA conference in Split, Croatia

Dr. Vlad Glaveanu, Head of the Psychology and Counseling Department, was invited to give a workshop, together with Prof. Todd Lubart from Paris Descartes University, at the ENTRENOVA conference that took place in Split, Croatia, between 6 and 7 of September. ENTRENOVA, or the Enterprise Research Innovation Conference, is a multi-disciplinary annual event dedicated to examining issues related to innovation, information technology and R&D from an economic, management, organisational and marketing standpoint with a focus on enterprises. Dr. Glaveanu and Prof. Lubart’s workshop focuses on the ways in which creativity and innovation can be taught in higher education. It was well attended by colleagues coming from a variety of countries from Europe and abroad.