Creativity in the Digital Age

Digital On the 10th of October, Dr. Michael Mose Biskjaer, Assistant Professor at the Center for Digital Creativity at Aarhus University, Denmark, gave a public talk as part of the Creativity and Innovation Lecture Series organized by the Webster Center of Creativity and Innovation (WCCI). His talk, titled ‘Creativity in the digital age: Current state and future directions’, examined the impact of digitalization on creative work from its manifestation in children’s play to its impact on the activity of people who are tasked with ideating together. It discussed numerous examples of digital forms of creativity, the use of digital tools by creators in multiple domains, and reviewed examples of studies conducted at Aarhus University’s Center for Digital Creativity, from state-of-the-art prototype-based interaction design experiments to surveys of the literature. Dr. Mose Biskjaer argued for the importance of developing new forms of interdisciplinary research that can bring together digital design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with creativity research. Such interdisciplinary work would not only shed new light on new developments in the area of digital design, but also offer us a better understanding creativity in today’s digital world. More thoughts on this issue from Dr. Mose Biskjaer can be accessed by listening to the podcast recorded on the day of his lecture and available here.