Communications Management Masters Launched

MA Communications Management LaunchMA Communications Management LaunchMA Communications Management LaunchMA Communications Management LaunchMA Communications Management Launch


On 1st November 2018, the Media Communications Department hosted a special edition of the Spotlight Seminar series to celebrate the launch of the new MA in Communications Management. The complexity of today’s communication landscape requires a sophisticated, interdisciplinary skill set. The new MA is designed to respond to this growing need for professionals who are skilled communicators and leaders.

The event explored the art of corporate communication in the context of rapidly changing technology and fake news. Four professors who will teach on the new MA shared their insights into key communication challenges.

Valérie Gorin, expert in media theory and humanitarian communication, guided participants through the digital media landscape of the 21st century and broke down the conception that fake news is a new phenomenon.

Katarzyna Jagodzinska, specialist in intercultural negotiation and communication, explained that whilst we make our first impression on someone within one tenth of a second, we can consciously make choices about our self-control and impression management in order make a good first impression.

Specialist in Marketing, Ron Banks stressed that a thorough knowledge of the foundations of marketing strategy is essential if we are to stand out in the increasingly crowded media marketplace, in which traditional forms of media retain an important role alongside new digital channels.

Finally, Glenn O’Neil, a specialist in the evaluation of communications and founder of OWL Research and Evaluation, explained that it is essential to think about measuring impact during the planning stages of any communication campaign; setting clear, concise goals and sharing the results of the evaluation internally can help ensure that this feedback drives more effective campaigns in the future.

An archived livestream of the event can be viewed here.

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The next Spotlight Seminar will be held on 13th December 2018 in honour of International Human Rights Day exploring the question: “Can social media change the world? Promoting or demoting human rights”. Speakers include Brad Wiggins, Head of Media Communications Department, Webster University Vienna, Gisella Lomax, Head of Social Media, UNHCR and Paula Dias Leite, Brazilian Photographer and Curator.