Examining the Brain Basis of Creativity

Anna Abraham

On the 8th of November, Prof. Anna Abraham from Leeds Beckett University, UK, gave a public talk, part of the Creativity and Innovation Lecture Series, titled “Examining the brain basis of creativity”. In this talk, Prof. Abraham reviewed the state of the art in the neuroscience of creativity and focused on several empirical examples emerging out of this area of research. She offered an overview of current knowledge about the relationship between brain structure and function, on the one hand, and creativity on the other. Her talk covered also the main methodological approaches to examining the brain basis of creativity and dispelled several myths regarding right and left brain functioning and creativity. Prof. Abraham reflected on domain general and domain specific approaches to creativity and the way in which their guide research leading to a more complex understanding of both the brain and creative expression. Several implications and future directions in this area were discussed towards the end. For more information about the brain basis of creativity please listen to the podcast recorded with Prof. Abraham on the day of her lecture.