Research Activity - March 2019

Cambridge Handbook of Creativity

March ResearchDr. Vlad Glaveanu, Head of the Department of Psychology and Counseling and Director of the WCCI, has co-authored four chapters in the upcoming Cambridge Handbook of Creativity, 2nd edition, edited by James C. Kaufman, University of Connecticut , and Robert J. Sternberg, Cornell University, New York. This is the leading scholarly resource in the field of creativity research, covering a wide range of topics and bringing together eminent contributors from this area of study.

This second edition has over two thirds new material reaching across psychology, business, entrepreneurship, education, and neuroscience. It introduces creativity scholarship by summarising its history, major theories and assessments, how creativity develops across the lifespan, and suggestions for improving creativity. It also illustrates cutting-edge work on genetics and the neuroscience of creativity, alongside creativity's potential for both benevolence and malevolence. The chapters cover the related areas of imagination, genius, play, and aesthetics, and tackle questions about how cultural differences, one's physical environment, mood, and self-belief can impact creativity. The book then examines the impacts on creativity of behaviour by teachers, managers, and leaders in particular.

Dr. Glaveanu co-authored four chapters for this Handbook: the first two on Creativity: A historical perspective and Theories of creativity (with James C. Kaufman), a middle chapter on Cultural perspectives on creativity (with Todd Lubart, Herie de Vries, Ana Camargo and Martin Storme), and the last chapter with the two editors of the volume (What is and what can be: The scope and possibilities of creativity and creativity research).

Foppiani participates in meeting with the Swiss Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis

February ResearchDr. Oreste Foppiani, Head of the Department of International Relations, participated in a business meeting and luncheon with the Swiss Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis. The latter is currently the Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. The event was organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland at the Belvoir Park Restaurant in Zurich, where about 70 persons attended the event. Among the many noteworthy points touched by the Swiss Secretary of State, there were the EU-Swiss relations and the European political crisis as well as the exit of Great Britain from the Union. Prof. Foppiani invited Dr. Cassis as a keynote speaker to the 25th International Humanitarian & Security Conference, which will take place at the CICG on March 19-20, 2020.