Creativity Reader Published

 Creativity Reader

Vlad Glaveanu, Head of the Psychology and Counseling Department at Webster Geneva Campus, has published the Creativity Reader with Oxford University Press. This 600-page volume gathers seminal scholarship from the history of creativity studies, introduced and commented on by today’s leading academics in this area of research. This project challenges the common view that creativity studies started mainly after 1950 and showcases the richness of the field in the century preceding this date. The authors whose work is ‘rediscovered' in this book include: Mikhail Bakhtin, James Mark Baldwin, Alfred Binet, John Dewey, Sigmund Freud, Francis Galton, William James, Abraham Maslow, George Herbert Mead, Henri Poincare, Charles Sanders Pierce, Georg Simmel and L. S. Vygotsky. This Reader is a necessary companion for anyone interested in the history of ideas about creativity, innovation and imagination. At once retrospective and prospective, its aim is to revise old ideas, assess their current importance and explore their potential for guiding our understanding of these phenomena in the future.

Webster Geneva Campus will hold its 2nd Creativity Week, 17-19 June.