Creativity and Co-creation in the Arts

Creativity and Co-creation in the Arts

On 4th June 2019, the Webster Centre for Creativity and Innovation and the Media Communications Department joined forces to host an event on the art of co-creation.

The panel discussion was inspired by a viewing of Band Together with Logic, a short film that documented the creation and recording of the hit song Do What You Love. Musicians from across the world were invited to collaborate with Logic on an original song via the online platform HITRECORD.

Webster Geneva Media Communications Alumna, Julia “Jayhan” Handschin, whose vocals were featured, was joined virtually by fellow musicians Michael Payne (mickyp), Daniel Goh (tinderlocks) and Tracy Miller (traeidein) to discuss their experiences contributing to this song.

The panel stressed some of the keys to success when creating with others: listening, the power of saying “yes,” avoiding critique early in the process, mutual respect and the ability to set one’s ego to one side to consider how best to contribute. The discussion emphasised how relationships between people are central to the creative process, as well as the role played by innovative technology such as HITRECORD in bringing like-minded people together and enabling them to co-create.

The event was part of The Spotlight Seminar Series of the Media Communication Department, and the Meet the Artist Lecture Series of the Global Citizenship Program hosted by the Webster Centre for Creativity and Innovation.