Media and Climate Change

Spotlight Seminar Climate ChangeSpotlight Seminar Climate ChangeSpotlight Seminar Climate Change

On 2 Oct. 2019, the Media Communications Department hosted a discussion with Ed Girardet, journalist and Editor of Global Geneva magazine on the challenges of reporting on climate change.

Girardet explained that one of the keys to good reporting is good storytelling that engages people and reaches out to them in language they can understand: “To get the climate story moving, we have to find stories that relate to all of us.”

Sharing his extensive experience as a foreign correspondent all over the world, Ed stressed the need to “harness the power of on the spot media”. Local reporting helps us to find out what is happening and to share good ideas. He stressed the importance of trusted, credible, accurate information, as well as the need to support local journalists and reporting on the ground.

During the lively debate that followed, he highlighted the need to “look at the small issues” to inspire audiences and overcome inertia on social issues such as climate change.

The next Spotlight Seminar will take place on Nov. 13 on the theme of Successful Negotiation in professional contexts. For more details and to register here.