NATO at 70 Event

 NATO at 70 EventNATO at 70 EventNATO at 70 EventNATO at 70 Event

Enlargement and Challenges to Sustainable Peace

On November 18, the International Relations Department hosted a round-table, where the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, spoke about the challenges and opportunities linked to its country’s accession to the NATO, expected at the outset of 2020.

From his extensive experience in coordinating the EU accession process, and having served as Minister of Economy and Minister of Defense, Dr. Fatmir Besimi gave a thorough presentation highlighting the Alliance’s achievements and the economic prosperity this multilateral treaty brought to its members.

Dr. Besimi further emphasized the role that this alliance played in maintaining peace and spreading democratic values across post-Cold War Europe.

He stressed that, having resolved all of its long-standing disputes with neighboring countries, Northern Macedonia is now ready to shift its role from “importer” to “exporter” of peace throughout the Balkans and contribute to NATO’s reaffirmation as a global actor.

Text by Martina Castiglioni