Curiosity and Creativity: The Big Picture

 Curiosity & Creativity

On the 27th of November, Dr. Michael Hanchett Hanson, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, gave a public talk as part of the Creativity and Innovation Lecture Series organized by the Webster Center of Creativity and Innovation (WCCI) and titled ‘Curiosity and Creativity: The Big Picture’. In this talk, Dr. Hanchett Hanson argued for why we should pay more attention to curiosity and curiosity-driven processes within creativity research. In particular, he discussed the role of questions for both creative action and, more generally, personal development. A broad typology of questions was offered and the implications of asking generative questions – for example questions about the underlying concerns behind certain theories or practices. An argument was made that education would benefit greatly from requiring students to raise questions rather than always give answers, especially those answers expected by teachers. You can watch this talk on the Facebook page of the Webster Center of Creativity and Innovation and you can listen to a podcast with Dr. Hanchett Hanson, on the role of questions in education, at