7th Annual Chess & Charity Event

Chess & Charity EventChess & Charity EventChess & Charity Event

In December 2019, the seventh annual Chess&Charity Event took place at Webster Geneva. Thanks to the kindness and compassion of many Webster students and staff, over 550 CHF was raised and transferred to a charitable fund «RUSFOND» to finance medical treatment of a seven-year old girl fighting blood cancer.

The students who organized the event, Emil & Roman, said, "The money was used to pay for a part of a one-month therapy involving an innovative medicine Blintzito. We are happy to announce that the treatment was successful! Tests taken after the completion of the therapy indicate that Nastya is now in the state of remission, and her condition is improving! We wish Nastya and her family strong health, and lots of love, success, and well-being! Nastya currently prepares for a bone morrow transplant after which she will be completely cured!"

"We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the Event for their effort to share the warmth of human kindness. According to Leo Tolstoy, doing good is an indispensable ingredient for achieving happiness and inner harmony. We, therefore, hope that 2020 will be very happy and harmonious for all of you!"