Announcing a New MBA Program

We are excited to announce the launch of a new MBA curriculum that will start in Geneva in mid-October (our Fall 2 term), 2020. The program is adapted to an evolving global business environment characterized by increasing uncertainty, unpredictability and continuous disruption, an environment which requires increased cognitive flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking skills and creativity.

Our new MBA program fosters these and other key skills through a focus on the Value Creation paradigm as a guiding principle to drive program content. The courses are delivered by a combination of research professors and practitioners who are at the forefront of their field in areas ranging from organizational behavior and behavioral finance to strategic management, international business and leadership.

Applications are now being accepted and the program is open to (and relevant for) professionals from various backgrounds. It will be delivered on weekday evenings, convenient equally for those who are working full-time as well as those between positions who are ready to invest to expand their career prospects.

For additional information about the courses, content and program format, please visit the following link: