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UPDATED Sept. 7, 2020 — First enrolled ICEF student arrives for Fall semester

Webster Geneva Campus welcomes Erik P., a first-year freshman student who is dual-enrolled in the ICEF football program (Evian, France) and Webster Geneva Campus. Erik, who was born in Barcelona, recently graduated from Miami Country Day school in 2020. He chose to pursue his professional football aspirations while concurrently beginning his bachelor program in Psychology.

ICEFWebster Geneva Campus's Director General, Dr. Clementina Acedo, and Mr. Mark Hatton, Associate Director of Admissions, welcomed Erik and Mr. Adam Amellal (from ICEF) to campus at the start of term.

Welcome, Erik, to the Webster University student community!

Geneva, July 23, 2020 — Webster Geneva Campus is pleased to announce a new agreement with The International Center of European Football (The ICEF) of nearby Evian, France — just across the border from the Canton of Geneva. The agreement will allow concurrent enrollments for ICEF students, who can attend Webster Geneva Campus classes as they train and prepare for their sports careers.

ICEF supports the professional training and preparation required to play at the highest level of football through a new, first-of-a-kind, international network of professional football centers around the world. Student-athletes at ICEF receive individualized development and exposure opportunities to top professional football organizations and the option to study at accredited universities around the world.

ICEFWebster Geneva Campus is pleased to be among these partners, and will extend the possibility for ICEF program participants to enroll concurrently at Webster Geneva Campus while they pursue their football preparation. A new commuter line to/from Evian and Geneva stops directly at the Webster Geneva campus, supporting this new initiative — and providing valuable study time for students.

The ICEF programs and facilities in nearby Evian, France, along Lake Geneva, are designed to foster and expertly develop high-potential football players with a clearly defined mission: to kick-start (or mature) their participants’ professional football careers.

“While many students want to continue intense professional training immediately following their high school graduation, they are often torn between choosing a sports career and their aspirations to begin university studies”, says Will McDonald, Director of Admissions and Enrollment at Webster, Geneva. “This partnership will allow them to pursue both, as they become part of the ICEF and Webster student communities, and I imagine this option will make parents as excited as ICEF’s student-athletes.”

ICEFAs an American-accredited American university (by the Higher Learning Commission in the U.S.), Webster Geneva Campus students earn transferable credits and a degree that is fully recognized. The University’s status also allows families to use traditional Federal Student Financial Aid programs and their 529 Qualified Tuition Plans (tax-advantaged investment programs for financing higher education).

Those who are registered to ICEF’s Pro Residency program will be given the option to apply for admission to Webster Geneva Campus, and to earn university credits that can either be used for a Webster University degree or to be transferred to a university in the U.K., Canada, or U.S. — and potentially anywhere they choose to pursue their bachelor’s degree. Learn more:

About ICEF Page: https://www.theicef.com/
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN1lP-WfUgY

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