Research Activity Digest

Publication of a Journal Article by International Relations Department Faculty Member in a Major French Academic Journal

Summer ResearchJubin Goodarzi, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the International Relations Department at Webster Geneva Campus, published an article in the most recent edition of the French academic journal "Confluences Méditerranée" which is one of the top two French academic journals on the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. The Summer 2020 edition of "Confluences Méditerranée" was completely devoted to Iran, with more than fifteen contributions by distinguished academics from several universities and research institutes on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Sorbonne, Science Po Paris, EHESS, CNRS, Tubingen University, Boston University, Trento University and the Graduate Institute. The contributors provided their views and analyses on domestic politics in Iran, Tehran's regional policies and Iran's foreign relations with the major international powers. Jubin Goodarzi's article which was an invited work, as has been the case in most instances, was a lengthy article on Iran's role and involvement in the Syrian crisis and civil war since the outset in March 2011. The recent Summer 2020 edition of "Confluences Méditerranée" (Number 113) is available in print. For further information, please go to


Glaveanu Publishes Book on Wonder

Summer ResearchVlad Glaveanu, Head of the Department of Psychology and Counselling, has recently published the book ‘Wonder: The extraordinary power of an ordinary experience’ with Bloomsbury Press. This book is dedicated to wonder and wondering, mundane phenomena that, despite their great value for education and other spheres of human experience, often go unnoticed both inside and outside the classroom. Praised as the origin of philosophy in ancient times, the concern for understanding and educating wonder has been present throughout history. It is not only the case that this basic psychological process opens our everyday experience to what is possible, what lies beyond the here-and-now, but does so with extraordinary consequences. Wonder transforms our experience of the world from early childhood onwards. It is ever-present in children's play and games, it offers constant opportunities for learning and it fuels our creativity. And yet, we know little about this phenomenon, its biological, psychological, social and cultural underpinning, and even less about how to foster it and harness its benefits in education. This book fills this gap and gives a scientific yet accessible account of wondering. It proposes a new way of understanding wonder, while at the same time offering practical tools for cultivating wonder within ourselves, our interpersonal relations, and within educational practice. The book will be officially launched by Webster at an online event on Oct. 6.