3 Reasons to Take Media Studies When You Study Abroad in Geneva

In today’s digital landscape, media skills are becoming more important than ever, helping people from different backgrounds to communicate with one another. Learning how to effectively use oral, visual, and written communication can help you make a stronger impact, building deeper relationships and creating messages that truly resonate with others.

By taking Media Studies, you’ll be able to gain a more complex understanding of communications, developing critical thinking skills that can be applied in both academic and practical fields. The knowledge gained from Media Studies can even be applied to other career paths, where employers value these practical skills. 

This blog post will explore the top reasons why you should consider learning Media Studies at Webster Geneva Campus!

Developing a Strong Academic Background in Media Studies

Media Studies is a versatile field, providing you with the chance to learn and discover various communication channels. This includes visual storytelling, like photography and video production, as well as journalism and media writing. Students who decide to study media communications are also able to learn about digital media—studying media fundamentals and even media law to understand all aspects of digital media for students’ future success.

Students are also able to conduct their own research as part of the media practicum or thesis component of their studies at Webster Geneva Campus. By choosing Media Studies, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed for media research, which will help you develop important academic skills that can pay off no matter what career path you choose to follow. These skills can be paired with other studies, like international relations or psychology, to make you stand out as an effective communicator. 

Gaining Practical Experience through Hands-On Learning

In addition to gaining an academic understanding of media, those completing a media communications bachelor at Webster benefit from a hands-on learning approach. Students can directly apply what they learn in class to various activities, where they participate in community events, on-campus media productions, or even Webster student-run projects like 78 Magazine.

Webster Geneva Campus’s campus and community is unique, with collaboration being a key part of the media student’s learning experience. By taking Media Studies, students can choose to get involved with different local festivals and research activities to gain more experience. There’s also an opportunity to join fellow classmates on a Tuscany Trip, which dedicates 10 days to deeply exploring photography and video production. 

Improving Your Career Prospects as You Study Abroad in Geneva

By choosing to study abroad in Geneva, you’ll have access to an international community—allowing you to hone your communication skills with people from numerous backgrounds at the very start of your studies. This is an incredibly valuable skill that is essential in today’s global world.

The Media Studies programs taught at Webster can also help students develop real-life skills that would further strengthen their professional and personal development. This includes gaining valuable work experience through internships and portfolio development—a key part of Webster’s Media Studies program. By learning from professors and working professionals in small classrooms, you’ll be able to receive a personalized education that prepares you for today’s fast-changing media landscape.

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