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Francesco Arese Visconti

Francesco Arese Visconti, PhD

Head of the Media Studies Program and Deputy Academic Director

PhD (University of Westminster)

Francesco Arese Visconti (1971) is the Media Studies program director at Webster Geneva Campus, where he is also the deputy academic director. Arese Visconti focuses his research work on migration processes in Switzerland and Italy. In 2012, he published the book "New World — Stories of African Immigration and Integration in Switzerland." In 2015, Arese Visconti published two projects on the Italian-Chinese community in Prato entitled "Hidden Identities — The Italian-Chinese Community in Prato" and "We, Prato." His current work concerns contemporary Italian migration in the Swiss Confederation. Ten images from this research project were exhibited in 2015 at the EXPO in Milan and are part of his PhD in Photography from the University of Westminster in London. In addition to being an archaeologist by training, Arese Visconti is also a member of the Union Suisse des Photographes Professionnels (USPP).


Arese Visconti, F. (2012). New World — Stories of African Immigration and Integration in Switzerland (Florence: Aiòn Edizioni), pp. 96.

Arese Visconti, F. (2015). Hidden Identity — The Italian-Chinese Community in Prato (Florence: Aiòn Edizioni), pp. 84.

Arese Visconti, F. (2015). We, Prato (Prato: Edizioni SUI), pp. 76.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Arese Visconti F. (2020). Possible in Photography. In Glăveanu V.P. (Ed.), The Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Possible. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

F. Arese Visconti, and J. Sandholm-Bark. (2018). "Enabling effective assessment through collaboration." INTED2018 Proceedings. ISBN: 978-84-697-9480-7

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2023 Jan. ‘Rethinking Photographic Portraiture of the 21st Century Italian Migrants on the Arc Lémanique Area’ at the London Gallery West in Harrow on the Hill (UK). Solo Exhibition.

2022 June ‘Rethinking Photographic Portraiture of the 21st Century Italian Migrants on the Arc Lémanique Area: A Preliminary Look’ as part of the 5th Creativity Week organized by the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation at Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland. Solo Exhibition.

2019 Nov. “Migration Stories” at the Centre des Arts Ecolint in Geneva (CH). Solo Exhibition.

2018 June “Rendering the Invisible Visible — Photographs of Italian Cultural Identity in 21st Century Switzerland” as part of the 1st Creativity Week organized by the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation at Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland. Solo Exhibition.

2017 Sept. “The Future We Want” on the Quai Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. Collective Exhibition.

2017 June “Between Here and There” at the School od Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster, London, UK. Collective Exhibition.

2015 Sept. Ten photographs of “Generational Shifts — Italian Migrants in Switzerland after World War II” exhibited at the Swiss Pavilion at the EXPO, Milan, Italy. Solo Exhibition.

2015 Apr. “Hidden Identity — The Italian-Chinese community in Prato” at Kent State University, Florence, Italy. Solo Exhibition.

2015 Jan. “We, Prato” at the Grütli Theatre, Geneva, Switzerland. Solo Exhibition.

2014 Jan. “Morocco — A journey to the south” at the Contemporary Art National Gallery Mohammed Drissi in Tanger, Morocco. Solo Exhibition.

2012 Nov. “New World. Recent immigration and integration in Switzerland from Africa” at the Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland. Solo Exhibition.

2011 Apr. “Kodachrome. End of the Run: Photographs from the Final Batches,” May Gallery, Webster University, St. Louis. Solo Exhibition.

2007 July “Archaeology and Environment”, Public Library, Paros Island, Cyclades, Greece. Solo Exhibition.

2006 Apr. “Neighbours” included in “Florence — Four perspectives” at the Regional Arts Commission Art Gallery, St. Louis. Solo Exhibition.

2006 Apr. “Architetture davanti all’obbiettivo — Fotografie sull’opera di Giovanni Michelucci”, School of Architecture, Washington University, St. Louis.

2005 Sept. “Architetture davanti all’obbiettivo — Fotografie sull’opera di Giovanni Michelucci”, Italian Institute of Culture, Copenhagen, Denmark. Solo Exhibition.

2005 May “Architetture davanti all’obbiettivo — Fotografie sull’opera di Giovanni Michelucci”, Fiesole, Italy. Solo Exhibition.


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Peter Carson, JD

Peter Carson, JD

Faculty, Composition

Peter Carson received a Bachelor of Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver. He has practiced law in the area of tort litigation, worked as a reporter and editor for several publications in the United States and Switzerland, and worked in the community investment department of a large nonprofit in Houston, Texas. He taught Developmental Composition and tutored students in writing at the University of Cincinnati. At Webster Geneva Campus he teaches English Composition, Sustainability Studies and Law and the Media, and serves as Learning Center coordinator.


Patricia Goldschmid

Patricia Goldschmid

Patricia Goldschmid works as an independent communications consultant in Geneva, specializing in strategic communication, new media, as well as evaluation and measurement on an international level. Goldschmid has over 12 years experience working in project management and communications with organizations in the insurance, pharmaceutical, and IT sectors as well as consulting projects with numerous international organizations and non-governmental organizations. She has an Honours Masters of Science in Communications from the University of Lugano, Switzerland. Goldschmid also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in communications. As a complement to her activities in communications, Goldschmid’s second passion is photojournalism.



Zuzana Hevler

Zuzana Hevler

Zuzana Hevler studied journalism and media studies at FSV, U.K. She is a trained journalist and has carried out a part of her studies in New York and England at the U.K.'s Loughborough University. She has written for various newspapers and weeklies in English and has worked since 2007 in conjunction with International Geneva. She worked as an editor for the Hospodářské Noviny, the English-language weekly Prague Post and the daily Zemské Noviny. She gathered experience in the magazine Československý shah.



Cem Koker

Cem Koker

Senior project manager, network specialist and full stack developer, Cem Koker is a game designer specialist. He is expert in web development, infrastructure planning and implementation (Linux and Windows farm management), monitoring/backup/disaster recovery, HA and virtualization, SAN, NAS, Microsoft, and VMWare.



Lisa Manolache

Lisa Manolache

Lisa Manolache has high quality video game development learning experiences. She studied visual arts at the Faculty of Art and Design, in Timisoara-Romania and in Dijon-France. She completed her studies at the SAE Institute Geneva (school associated with Middlesex University-London), in Switzerland, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in Game Art and 3D Animation. She has expertise in creating the full pipeline of creating various props, weapons and environments for video games with imposed concept art and with an established art style. Having a solid artistic background, she has carried her knowledge of fine arts to all of her 3D projects.



Olivia McGilchrist

Olivia McGilchrist

A French-Jamaican multimedia artist engaged in questions about identity, she has exhibited in Canada, Jamaica, the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Norway, Austria, France, Switzerland and the U.K. Building on her own experience as a white Euro-Jamaican, and past research in the portrayal of hybrid identities in contemporary Jamaican culture, she is exploring how these identities can be represented in virtual reality.



Anne-Laure Oberson

Anne-Laure Oberson, PhD

Research Faculty

Anne-Laure Oberson is a philosopher, photographer and curator. Her research focuses on the quantic nature of images, the impact of electronic images on cognitive processes and phenomena such as synchronicity. She is currently writing on imagination in regards to generative models for image creation. She is leading an art residency program and teaching contemporary philosophy. She has edited and contributed to books, catalogs and articles in the field of philosophy, contemporary art, photography and art history. Her book "I see. Do you? Thinking Seeing" was published by Atropos Press. She studied History of Art at the University College of London and Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School.


Glenn O'Neil

Glenn O'Neil, PhD

Faculty, Media Research

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Glenn O’Neil has been involved in some 100 reviews and evaluations in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. Mainly at the project or program level for international organizations and NGOs, the reviews and evaluations focused largely on communications, advocacy and surge response in a range of sectors including media, development, civil society, youth, human rights, humanitarian aid and health. O’Neil’s role was often as team leader, but also as team member or providing methodological support (e.g. in developing surveys, indicators, theories of change and evaluation frameworks) or quality control (review and approval of methodology, tools and reports). O’Neil is also an experienced teacher, facilitator and trainer in media, communications, advocacy, evaluation methods and use for UN agencies, NGOs, universities and professional associations. O’Neil holds a PhD in social research and methodology from the London School of Economics and an Executive Masters in Communications Management.


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Dusan Petkovic

Dusan Petkovic, PhD

Dusan Petkovic holds a PhD in media technologies and innovation, a master's degree in visual anthropology from the Free University of Berlin, and a bachelor's degree from the Dutch Film and Television Academy. With over eighteen years of professional experience in media production, Petkovic is a post-production specialist with a long list of award-winning projects. He has worked on four continents and his projects have received awards at the Sundance Film festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as the BAFTA, BfFA and Daytime Emmy awards.



Kristian Skeie

Kristian Skeie, MA

Faculty, Photography

MA (University of London)

Kristian Skeie is a Norwegian, Swiss-based photojournalist working with a number of organizations (including Aga Khan, Enfants du Monde, WTO, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust) and publications (including International Herald Tribune, the Daily Telegraph, Le Temps, 24 Heures, Banker Magazine, Neue Zürcher Zeitung). Skeie's main work at the moment deals with the aftermath of war, specifically life today in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Rwanda.