Industry Leaders Discuss Digital Transformation

 Digital Transformation

The Geneva Walker School of Business and Technology recently hosted its first annual Advisory Board on “Digital Transformation” with industry leaders, composed of a group of seven top managers and experts from different organizations (8 Ways Media, Alliance-EPFL, Genilem, Getratex, iconyl, Invest Dialog, and SGS). They met with an academic team from Webster Geneva Campus, led by Professor Dominique Jolly, Head of the Walker School of Business and Technology. The objective of the session was to solicit feedback as we revise and enhance our undergraduate programs—and in particular, to assess the potential employability of future graduates, since industry demands for specific skills are changing quickly in local and global labor markets. Emphasis was placed on the pedagogical options offered to students, so they may best contribute to the digital transformation of employers.

The primary focus of the exchange was on the Webster curriculum. Discussions included the content of our core courses, “Introduction to Business Technology” and “Digital Economy” (the latter developed recently by Professor Rouben Indjikian), as well as three certificate programs (each a six-course sequence), which are options that students can integrate in to their bachelor experience. These include our current “Entrepreneurship Certificate” as well as two new certificates that Webster Geneva Campus is rolling out in its expanding portfolio in 2019: “Data Analytics”, which is now available (led by Professor Claude Chaudet, head of Computer Science), and “Digital Marketing Management”, which is under final preparations (led by Professor Edward Boon), scheduled to launch in Fall 2019.

The exchange produced in-depth insights as well as feedback that Webster will take into consideration when implementing our pedagogy. Joining the discussions, Béatrice von Mach (of Webster Career Services) explained the benefits of internship experiences, and how internships for credit will continue to enhance students’ postgraduate employability. All participants agreed on the need to promote digital literacy through our program, and to develop intelligent and agile young managers who can help to foster digital transformation in the companies and sectors where they work.

Our team at Webster University extends its thanks to the Advisory Board members for their contributions. More about the Walker School of Business’ focus on Digital Transformation is described here.