Indjikian Provides Expertise at the U.N.

Francesco Arese Visconti


Prof. Rouben Indjikian a featured expert speaker in mid-April at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Multi-year Expert Meeting on Commodities and Development (MYEM), at a session devoted specifically to oil and other energy.

During the last part of his multi-year career at UNCTAD, Prof. Indjikian was instrumental in establishing the first edition of this important MYEM (which is now in its eleventh year), especially its sessions focused on energy. This has become an annual expert meeting, which is first and foremost devoted to the developments in key energy, minerals and metals, and soft commodities markets, tracing the situation with fundamental and non-fundamental factors affecting the commodity prices. Explaining the reasons for volatility of commodity prices and their impact on exports in commodity-dependent developing economies — as well as on food and energy importing developing countries — was at the center of focus at this high-level expert meeting.

There were two presentations on oil markets, one by Prof. Indjikian and one from an expert representative of OPEC. All presentations are available on the UNCTAD website, which also contains the introductory speech, event program and the background note of UNCTAD Secretariat, analyzing the state and developments of key commodity markets.

Rouben Indjikian will be teaching ECON 3110, a special topics bachelor course on Global Energy Economy, in the Summer 2019 session at Webster Geneva Campus.