School of Business and Technology Faculty

The School of Business & Technology includes the following programs:

  • Business and Management
  • Computer Science
  • Economics and Finance
  • Health Care Management
  • MBA and MA in Management and Leadership
School of Business & Technology Faculty

Eric Click

Eric Click, PhD

Academic Director; Director of the MBA and MA Management and Leadership Programs

Dr. Eric Click joined Webster Geneva in 2023. He has over 20 years of academic and administrative experience in student retention and success, assessment and accreditation, curriculum development and design, and blended and distance learning. Click's former position titles include academic director, head of department, program chair, Higher Learning Commission peer reviewer, and tenured associate professor. His scholarship has focused on public financing and economics, market failure and intervention, and the social impact of nonprofits. Before joining Webster Geneva, Click served as acting vice-rector for academics at Webster University Tashkent and chair of the Academic Council at Webster University Georgia. Click holds a PhD from the University of Texas-Dallas.


Mariana Alba

Mariana Alba, PhD

Head, Business and Management; Faculty, Communication Sciences

Mariana Alba was educated in Buenos Aires (Pontifical Catholic University of Buenos Aires) and Madrid (Universidad Complutense), where she earned her PhD in Communication Sciences.

She is a professional with 20-plus years of experience as a public relations officer in private business and international organizations in Argentina, Spain, Canada and Switzerland. During the last five years, in parallel with her responsibilities in academic programs in Marketing and Communication, she has dedicated herself to knowledge management and the execution of several projects related to corporate social responsivity, sustainability and social impact.

Her passion now lies in economic development and social progress through joint management with private business and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Her academic and professional experiences enable her to continue working on projects related to knowledge transmission, and to facilitate in-class and online educational projects.


Alexis Kauffmann

Alexis Kauffmann, PhD

Head, Computer Science; Faculty, Computer Science

Alexis Kauffmann holds a PhD from the University of Geneva.


Judit Kozenkow

Judit Kozenkow, PhD

Head, Economics and Finance; Faculty, Economics, Value Creation

Dr. Kozenkow holds a PhD in Economics from the Corvinus University of Budapest and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of international economics and sustainable development. Currently she teaches at Webster Geneva Campus and at EU Business School Switzerland; and mentors undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students. Besides lecturing she also works as consultant for different international organizations and training centers worldwide, including currently the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and previously the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Her previous positions include Research Fellowship at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Visiting Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. and strategic advisory and risk management in the Hungarian financial sector.


Françoise Maillard

Françoise Maillard, PhD

Head, Health Care Management; Faculty, Health Care Management

Françoise Maillard is professor and head of the Health Care Management master and certificates programs at Webster Geneva Campus since 2001. She earned her PhD from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia) and her MScN (Master of Science in Nursing) from the University of Rhode Island (USA). At Webster she teaches theoretical fundamentals, research and practice methodologies with a transformative worldview. She frequently lectures at international conferences (U.S., Canada, Singapore, France, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland).


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Ariane Ayer

Ariane Ayer, PhD

Faculty, Health Care Management

Ariane Ayer is a lawyer and Doctor of Law (2001), and holds a PhD from the Université de Fribourg. She is a member of the Bar for the canton of Geneva (2003), and has practiced in the Law Office LexPublica since 2005. She has served as president of the Intercantonale Commission for Osteopath exams since April 2007, vice-president of the Commission de surveillance des professions de la santé et des droits des patients du canton de Fribourg from Jan. 2001 to June 2017, and vice-president of the Commission Fédérale de recours pour la formation de base et la formation postgrade des professions médicales from June 2002 to Dec. 2006. Ayer also teaches courses in sociology, social politics and social work at the University of Fribourg.


Bernard Baertschi

Bernard Baertschi, PhD

Faculty, Health Care Management

Bernard Baertschi is a senior researcher and teaching professor at the University of Geneva Institut Ethique, Histoire et Humanités, as well as a member of the Ethics Committee of Inserm (France). He is currently working on fundamental ethics, bioethics and neuroethics. Baertschi holds a PhD from the University of Geneva.

Among his publications are the following: “Les rapports de l’âme et du corps. Descartes, Diderot, Maine de Biran” (Paris, Vrin, 1992), “La valeur de la vie humaine et l'intégrité de la personne” (Paris, PUF, 1995), “Enquête philosophique sur la dignité” (Genève, Labor & Fides, 2005), “La neuroéthique” (Paris, La Découverte, 2009), “L’éthique à l’écoute des neurosciences” (Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 2013).

Ron Banks

Ron Banks, MBA

Faculty, Marketing

Ron Banks is an international sales and marketing executive with experience in Europe and the U.S. He has held senior general management positions in multinational companies, SMEs and startups. He has conducted management training programs and has consulted on brand development and product launch projects. Banks is on the board of several foundations and organizations and is a past president of the American International Club of Geneva. Banks holds a BS in Marketing from Southwest Missouri State University and an MBA from City University, Bellevue Washington, Frankfurt, Germany campus.


Alain Berger

Alain Berger, DBA

Faculty, Accounting

Alain Berger has been a professor at Webster Geneva Campus since 2010 and regularly teaches Financial accounting and Managerial accounting. Dr. Berger worked with multinational companies and in the investment process before moving into academics, consulting on projects related to financial modeling and market behavior. He developed a number of systematic investment strategies while using charting skills. He received a BBA from University of Lausanne, an MBA from the Hult International Business school, and a DBA from Grenoble Ecole de Management, where his research was on corporate governance, diversity and sustainability. He is a CFA charterholder.


Ray Bonnan

Ray Bonnan, PhD

Faculty, Computer Science

Dr. Bonnan was born in Manchester, England and finished his secondary schooling in Nice, France. He obtained the certificate MGP (Mathématiques Générales et Physique) at the University of Aix-Marseille before continuing his studies at Manchester University, obtaining a BSc in Pure Mathematics with a first-class Honors degree, then an MSc and PhD at Leeds University. Bonnan was head of Mathematics and Computer Science Departments at Webster Geneva Campus and was responsible for all its information technology. In 2016, he retired from his administrative positions and now devotes his professional activities to teaching in Geneva and abroad.



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Edward Boon

Edward Boon, PhD

Faculty, Marketing

Edward Boon is a researcher and lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship. His research interest covers the intersection between consumer behavior, social media and technology, and he has published papers in various peer-reviewed journals, including Psychology & Marketing, Business Horizons, and the Journal of Financial Services Marketing. His professional experience includes marketing positions at Procter & Gamble and online insurance broker First Europa. In 2017 he developed the educational marketing simulation game ‘Battle of the Brewers.’ Boon has a PhD in Industrial Marketing from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and an MBA from Erasmus Rotterdam School of Management.


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Gaëtan Cantale

Gaëtan Cantale, PhD

Faculty, Management

Gaëtan M.N. Cantale-Miège teaches Business Ethics, Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurship at Webster Geneva Campus. He has an MSc in Physics, major in Mathematical Physics, and a PhD in Particle Physics from the University of Geneva (Switzerland), as well as being an expert in business strategy and enterprise’s management. He has been working for 25 years in major global companies (Hewlett-Packard, 3COM, AMP) as vice president/general manager/sales manager in charge of territories in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle-East and Africa. He also teaches Entrepreneurship at the Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. His research interests are in business ethics at the confluence between thermo-economy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and virtue theories.


Stefano Catelani

Stefano Catelani, JD

Faculty, Business Law

Stefano Catelani graduated with a JD from the University of Rome and took the Bar Exam in Italy. He worked for an Italian pharmaceutical firm before joining DuPont where he advised several units in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. He was then appointed director of governmental affairs (Europe) before returning to legal. He was lately advising two strategic business units within the EMEA region and coordinated the work of local lawyers in those SBUs. Catelani’s practice focused on general corporate and commercial law, taxation and mergers and acquisitions, including divestitures and joint ventures (JVs). Issues relating to governance of both subsidiaries and JVs were also part of his practice. After having left DuPont, Stefano has created his boutique firm to focus on international business law matters and related disputes, including advisory services in the field of litigation funding.


Biksadský, B., Catelani, S. P., and Nava, V. T. (2021). "Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration–Current Status, Development and Cases Involving Mining Disputes." In Social License and Dispute Resolution in the Extractive Industries (pp. 9-37). Brill Nijhoff.

Miguel Corte-Real

Miguel Corte-Real, PhD

Faculty, Finance

Miguel Corte-Real is a professor of Finance at Webster Geneva Campus. Dr. Corte-Real holds a PhD from Cass Business School, City University (London) in Finance. He has also taught at Nova University (Lisbon), Cass Business School (London) and the European University (Geneva and Lisbon). He also has extensive professional experience in banking and asset management as an investment banker at Banco Portugues de Investimento (Lisbon), as an equity and structure product salesman at Goldman Sachs International (London), as a head of European Equity Product Team at Fidelity International (London), as a head of sales and distribution of Jabre Capital (Geneva) and currently as a relationship manager with Mirante Fund Management (Lausanne).


Fabio De Castro Freitas

Fabio De Castro Freitas, DBA

Faculty, Finance

Fabio De Castro has been an affiliate professor in Investments at Webster Geneva Campus since 2009. His fields of expertise include financial markets, derivatives and asset management. He is also affiliate professor and thesis supervisor for the MSc Finance program ;at Grenoble Ecole de Management. He manages his own portfolios of stocks, ETFs and options on the U.S. markets. Previously, De Castro was in business development and marketing positions at Unilever, Bel Cheeses and IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) in Brazil, France, Spain and Singapore. De Castro Freitas hold a DBA from Grenoble Ecole de Management.


Teodora Duarte-Quilao

Teodora Duarte-Quilao, PhD

Faculty, Healthcare Management

Teodora Duarte-Quilao joined Webster Geneva Campus (WUG) in 2019 as an adjunct faculty of the Health Care Management master and certificate programs. She obtained her PhD in Nursing Science at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, CUNY and focused her dissertation on the phenomenon of the living experience of feeling listened to. She earned her MA at WUG and has more than 20 years of leadership in nursing in the healthcare system in Switzerland, specifically in mental health. She is currently a member of “the International Consortium of Parse Scholars”, “the Honor Society of Nursing Sigma Theta Tau International, and “the Association of Nurses in Switzerland (ASI).


Duarte-Quilao, T. (2022). “Feeling Listened To: A Parsesciencing Inquiry.” Nursing Science Quarterly, 35(1), 54-66.

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Rouben Indjikian

Rouben Indjikian, PhD

Faculty, Commodities, Energy and Trade Finance

Dr. Rouben Indjikian is an adjunct professor teaching energy, commodities, trade finance, digital economy and international economics at Webster Geneva Campus. He organizes events at Webster and is a frequent speaker at international conferences on commodities, energy, trade finance and other topics. Indjikian had a distinguished career of nearly 30 years at UNCTAD where, as an economist and manager, he was in charge of analysis, policy advice and technical assistance in the areas of international trade, finance, e-commerce and commodities. At UNCTAD he drafted many reports, organized conferences, and initiated the Information Economy Report and Global Commodities Forum. He is also the author of a monograph based on his PhD thesis, book chapters and articles in prestigious academic and business journals. His PhD is from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations.


Leonardo Iebra Aizpurua

Leonardo Iebra Aizpurua, PhD

Faculty, Finance

Dr. Iebra Aizpurua is a professor of Finance at Webster Geneva Campus. He holds a PhD in Enterprise Competitiveness and Economic Development from the Deusto Business School (Spain), and an MSc in Economics and Finance from the Warwick Business School (U.K.). Aizpurua has extensive professional experience training and coaching business managers, and assisting small and medium sized enterprises improve their strategic orientation and access international markets. He has designed and implemented private sector development programs in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia with the aim of improving the competitiveness and connectivity of local value chains, and promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Iebra Aizpurua’s current fields of interest include institutional learning, entrepreneurial change, innovation and business ecosystems.


Madina Kukenova

Madina Kukenova, PhD

Faculty, Economics

Madina Kukenova holds a PhD in economics and a MSc in Banking and Finance from the University of Lausanne. After her academic studies, she worked as a consultant for various projects of the World Bank, International Trade Centre and World Trade Organization. Parallel to the consulting experience, Kukenova has been very active as a lecturer, she has taught economics and financial courses in several master’s and bachelor’s level programs. In addition to her teaching and consulting work, Kukenova works on independent research projects. Her research interests include international trade, international economics and finance, and development economics.


Dmytro Kylymnyuk

Dmytro Kylymnyuk, PhD

Faculty, Economics

Dmytro Kylymnyuk was born in Ukraine where he received an MA degree from Kyiv School of Economics in 2003. After obtaining his PhD in Economics from the University of Toulouse in France in 2009, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) in Paris. He has taught at the École nationale de la statistique et de l’administration économique (ENSAE) in Paris and at the University of Geneva. Kylymnyuk joined Webster Geneva Campus in 2017. His research interests lie in the area of microeconomics theory and behavioral economics.


Philippe Laurent

Philippe R. Laurent, PhD

Faculty, International Business and Management

Philippe Laurent is professor of Human Resources Management at Webster Geneva Campus and postgraduate professor of International Management and Strategy at UAS School of Management in Fribourg, Switzerland. He previously worked during 20 years as an executive and general manager for CLAL Group (France and Switzerland), COMILOG Group (Switzerland, U.S.), Golay Buchel Group (Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong), Wall Street Institute Group (Switzerland, Spain). He then spent another 20 years working as a senior consultant for several large companies (Dynargie Group, CTS Group), an accredited professor at UAS-Arc Neuchâtel and a visiting professor at Coventry University (U.K.), IAE Grenoble (France), ESTA (France) and SWUFE University (Chengdu, China). He also acted as a CEO of an international company (Ouaps Group in Switzerland, France, China) and became an academic and executive Dean for seven years (UBIS, GBS).

Laurent holds a PhD from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), an executive MBA and Management of Technology from EpFL, HEC-UNIL and UT Austin, and Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées (DESS) the from the University of Geneva.


Mina Michal

Mina Michal, PhD

Faculty, Organizational Behavior

Dr. Mina Michal is a graduate of University of Cambridge Medical School (UK). She worked for the Medical Research Division of Sandoz AG (Basel), University of Toronto (Canada), Royal College of Surgeons (London) and Battelle Research Centre (Geneva). She authored several scientific publications including a book entitled Stress (Ed. Roche). She has run programs for leading corporations on Management Training and Organizational Development. Her experience in both academic and corporate arenas has provided her with a hands-on experience of the dynamic interrelation between the strategic, operational and behavioral aspects. Michal is head of SMART PERFORMANCE, and professor of Management Sciences at Webster Geneva Campus.


Emmanuel Milet

Emmanuel Milet, PhD

Faculty, Money and Banking

Emmanuel Milet has been an adjunct professor at the Webster Geneva Campus since 2018 where he teaches a course on money and banking. He received his PhD from the Université Paris 1 in 2014 and has been a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Geneva from 2014 to 2019. His research focuses on the impact of international trade on labor market outcomes in developing countries, and also on the “servitization” of manufacturing firms in developed economies. He also works as a consultant for international organizations such as UNCTAD and the World Trade Organization.


Wanny Oentoro

Wanny Oentoro, PhD

Faculty, Business

Wanny Oentoro holds a PhD from Chulalongkorn University.


Peter Osterman

Peter Osterman, MMS

Faculty, Accounting

Peter Osterman completed his academic studies at McGill University in Canada and he is a Canadian Chartered Accountant. Peter started his audit career with PWC in Montreal and transferred to the Geneva office in the early 80s. Since then Osterman has had CFO positions in the pharmaceutical, luxury watch, movie royalty management, private aviation bizzjets, an Olympic sports federation and a family office specializing in M&A, HR, fiscal and international corporate management. Osterman has been teaching at Webster Geneva since 1985 in accounting, finance and management in both the undergrad and postgrad programs.


Viktor Polic

Viktor Polic, PhD

Faculty, Computer Science

Viktor Polic is chief information security officer at the International Labor Organization, but his information communications technology career spans different roles across financial, humanitarian and public sector organizations. Polic is a member of the Scientific Committee for Advanced Studies in Information Security at University of Geneva. He advocates for advancement in information security as an author in journals and his personal blog (, and as a speaker at international security conferences. He holds a PhD in Cryptography and Advanced Protection Systems from the Singidunum University Belgrade, MA in Computer Resources and Information Management, and BSc in Computer Science. He is a member of (ISC)2, ISACA and IACR.


Kavé Salamatian

Kavé Salamatian, PhD

Professor, Computer Science

Kavé Salamatian has been a university professor at the University of Savoie since September 2009. His main area of expertise is internet measurement. He has carried out active research in the field of computer security where his expertise is internationally recognized. He holds a doctorate in computer science, an MBA in business strategy, an MSc in telecommunications and an engineering degree. Since 2011, he has held a visiting professorship at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is developing multidisciplinary research on cyberstrategy, and more generally on internet sciences. He is the author of more than 150 frequently cited scientific articles.


Vivian Synteta

Vivian (Paraskevi) Synteta, PhD

Faculty, Computer Science

Paraskevi (Vivian) Synteta is an adjunct faculty member in the Webster Geneva Campus Department of Mathematics and Computer Science since 2013. She teaches courses on mathematics and computer science and used to teach web development and design too. Before coming to Webster, Synteta taught and conducted research in the unit of Educational Technology at the University of Geneva while she pursued a PhD there. She is the author and developer of ePBL, a constructivist web environment for Project-Based e-Learning in higher education. She earned a four-year university degree in Applied Mathematics in Greece and a MSc in Educational Technology at the University of Geneva.


Davide Vité

Davide Vité, PhD

Faculty, Business Administration and Mathematics

Davide Vité was born in Italy, where he obtained an MSc in Physics. After a research experience at the University of California in Santa Cruz, he joined the Imperial College in London where he obtained his PhD in Physics while a doctoral student at CERN, Geneva. He became research associate at the University of Geneva and worked in collaboration with CERN and NASA, while obtaining an MBA at Webster Geneva Campus. Vité was then in charge of learning programs at CERN and UNAIDS, devoted fully to teaching since 2007 and obtaining a MASE in Physics and Mathematics. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Musicology at the University of Geneva. Dr. Vité's teaching approach focuses on students’ needs while creating a motivating, dynamic classroom environment. His current fields of interest include innovative teaching, environmental science and ancient music.


Lammert Vrieling

Lammert Vrieling, PhD

Faculty, Strategy

Dr. Lammert Vrieling has more than 20 years experience in both profit and not-for-profit organizations as professor, consultant and as executive. He has a Master of Management Science and a cum laude PhD in business administration with specialization in strategy from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and was a visiting fellow at Warwick Business School (U.K.). With experience ranging from metal foundries through media to strategy consulting and executive leadership, Vrieling also ran a technology start-up and teaches as a university professor in Geneva and Lisbon.


Jean-Pierre Wandeler

Jean-Pierre Wandeler

Faculty, Accounting, Finance and Investment

Jean-Pierre (JP) Wandeler is the founder of CFO4U in Geneva, which specializes in tax and investment consulting for private individuals. Additionally, Wandeler also takes care of accounting mandates for selected SME clients. Wandeler’s work experience spans over 20 years in financial business controlling, strategic business planning and accounting, predominantly in wealth management and commodity trade finance at UBS. Wandeler’s experience in finance also includes the position of warrant officer in the Swiss military from 1998 until 2012, in charge of all finance, logistics and administration topics for a rescue company of 200 soldiers. Wandeler is a CFA Charterholder and also teaches CFA prep courses. He is married and a father of two children.


Benjamin Xie

Benjamin Xie, PhD

Faculty, Business

Dr. Benjamin Xie is the founder of Rhônar Advisory in Geneva, Switzerland, which has a focus on business development and private equity management. Prior to founding Rhônar Advisory in 2020, Xie founded and was the chief of staff of a multi-family office which has over CHF 6 billion under supervision. He previously served as vice president at Deutsche Bank from 2008-2015 in the Middle East and Private Equity team.

He is also an academic professor who lectures at a number of public and private universities. Xie earned his PhD in International Management from the University of St. Gallen and was a visiting fellow at Harvard University. He earned his MSc in Business Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and his Bachelor in Business Management from the Singapore Management University of Singapore.


Aslı Yüksel Mermod

Aslı Yüksel Mermod, PhD

Faculty, Finance

Dr. Mermod studied Economics at Konstanz and Marmara Universities and completed her MSc/PhD degree at the Marmara Banking and Insurance Institute. Following a role in public relations, Mermod joined Marmara University in 1996. She became associate professor in 2005, and full professor in 2011. Her research areas cover bank management, CSR and sustainable finance. She has been vice director of Social Sciences Institute, Erasmus Programme coordinator, and board member of the Banking and Insurance Institute and International Center of Sustainability.